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Gina is a wereleopard and a member of the Maneaters Clan, and later Blood Drinker's Clan when the clans are merged together.


She is six feet tall, well built, with pale eyes.


Narcissus in Chains[]

She was abused and tortured by Chimera while he controlled the Maneaters Clan.

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Incubus Dreams[]

Gina is mentioned twice in this novel. We learn that one of the forms of torture Chimera preferred was gang rape, performed by members of Gina's own pard. Micah and Merle were the only ones to refuse to participate. We also learn that Gina refusing to do something, possibly to seduce an alpha of another pack to take down, was a trigger for Chimera's quest to destroy Micah's nose.


We don't hear of Gina again until this novel, when we learn that she is three months pregnant. Domino and Crispin are helping her control her beast and not shift, and have been teaching others like Richard [1] and Micah to do the same, as shifting would cause her to lose the baby. That this is possible at all was previously only known to clan tigers, and Gina's pregnancy is giving tentative hope to many lycanthrope couples in town, as one more month would make her pregnancy the longest-lasting in known record outside of the tiger clans.[2]

We later get a brief metaphysical glimpse of Gina and her boyfriend curled up with Crispin.[3] We also learn that the boyfriend is a werewolf permanently stuck into a wolfman form, although his name isn't mentioned.[4]

Kiss the Dead[]

In this novel we get confirmation that the werewolf Gina was dating earlier is none other than Zeke, who was also brought into town by Chimera. Gina and Zeke have got married in the meantime, and they have a baby boy named Chance.[5]

Crimson Death[]

We don't see Gina in person in this novel, but we learn that her small family spends more time in Anita's Jefferson County house these days than Anita does. They are expecting Anita's group to come over, and whenever that happens Nathaniel, Nicky, and Cynric cook for all of them. Nicky promises to call the house to let them know that the plans have changed since Anita is taking most of the group to Ireland.[6]


Zeke's wife is mentioned briefly in this novel as having encouraged Zeke to share his poetry videos online, which led to Professor Wolf becoming a big sensation and one of the star attractions at the Circus. Gina's name isn't mentioned.[7]


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