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"[...] Giacomo was the exception to the rule about the Harlequin. He went by the name he'd used as an assassin, but he wasn't a pain in the ass."
Anita Blake as the narrator[src]

Giacomo is a supporting character in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. He is a master vampire, a member of The Harlequin now under Jean-Claude, and his lion to call is Magda.

Giacomo is first referenced in Dead Ice as Magda's unnamed master, but his name was previously used for a different character. See the inconsistencies section.


Giacomo started his life as a born member of an ancient Mongol horde, and is all-around big like an old-time refrigerator. His shoulders are a match or a near match to Nicky's, and he's about or over six feet tall. He doesn't look muscled thanks to the extra layer of flesh, but on that count appearances are deceiving, as he matches Nicky well on friendly weight lifting competitions.

Giacomo's face is distinctly ethnic and almost perfectly round, and his smile is infectious. His eyes are naturally dark brown, but the right one has been bisected by a scar that curves through his eyebrow and onto his cheek, and has turned into a pale milky blue. He can still see out of the eye, though, even if not as well as before. Like many Harlequin and unlike most old vampires, his face is expressive like human's. His hair is black and straight.

History within series[]

Dead Ice[]

Giacomo is referenced, but not named, in Dead Ice. When Magda joins Anita in the room to help her heal, Anita recalls that Magda's master has straight black hair.[1] (Note that in this novel, the name "Giacomo" is applied to a different character who is a werelion.)

Crimson Death[]

Giacomo is introduced in Crimson Death as Magda's vampire master. We learn that he used to ride the steppes of what is now Mongolia when he was a human, in a time when that mean conquering or killing everything one met, but Anita considers him easier to deal with than the other Harlequin. He is old-fashioned and respectful enough to kneel before Jean-Claude, and in her master's presence Magda follows his lead as well. Giacamo and Magda aren't lovers, but in this incarnation they are fellow warriors who respect each other, and possibly even best friends. Anita classifies their relationship as something between the ones she has with Edward and Zerbrowski, which is very different from many other master-animal pairs within the Harlequin.

Giacomo shares with Cynric, Anita, and co. some knowledge about ancient clan tigers, particularly blue ones, and connects the short-lived local earthquake to Cynric coming into his powers. Anita doesn't like how Giacomo looks at Cynric when talking about how he is as pure blooded as Fortune despite everyone, Giacomo included, thinking that the blue bloodline had been hunted down and killed beyond her. Giacomo and Magda had heard rumors of clan tigers within the US, but they weren't the ones sent to investigate.

Giacomo and Magda are two of the guards that join Anita to her trip to Ireland. He spends much of that trip carried around by Magda in a sun-proof bag.

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Werelion named Giacomo[]

The name "Giacomo" is first used in Dead Ice for a male werelion from the Harlequin. Since members of the Harlequin do not share names, this seems to have been retconned.

Characters in Hit List[]

With the release of Dead Ice, it seemed the Giacomo (the werelion) and Magda might be "Thing One" and "Thing Two" from Hit List, and they had moved to St. Louis after the defeat of Marmee Noir. This was not confirmed in the novel. Additionally, Magda as she is now cannot have been "Thing Two" since Thing Two's master was likely killed by Anita when Marmee Noir possessed his body.[2] Both Magda and Giacomo (the vampire) seem to have very different personalities than Thing Two and Thing Two's master, with Giacomo being much more respectful with Magda and not stopping her from having sex with whomever she wants.

As with the name "Giacomo" given to a werelion, this direction seems to have been abandoned or retconned, and Magda and Giacomo (the vampire) are not the same unnamed female werelion and vampire master who were in Hit List.


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