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"Gabriel had been one sick kitty..."
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Gabriel was a wereleopard and the original leader and alpha of the St. Louis pard, the Blood Drinker's Clan. We met him for the first time in The Lunatic Cafe.

While living, Gabriel was called léoparde lionné (a protective leader) by pard members. Posthumously, pard members admitted Gabriel actually led as a lion passant (a sleeping leader).


Sinister-looking. Dark, curly hair long enough to fall on his eyes, which he frequently allowed it to do and looked at the world through the hair. Strange not-quite-human 'liquid gray' leopard eyes with startling luminosity. Also had permanently lengthened canines from spending too long in leopard form.

Favored black studded leather clothing, piercings, and silver jewelry for the extra pain that heightened his pleasure.



Gabriel was a severe sadomasochist who contracted lycanthropy when Elizabeth shifted into leopard form during sex and mauled him nearly to death, which was the crowning moment of his life. Afterwards, however, when he knew he could survive sex with her even if she shifted, he grew bored with her. Gabriel forced his pard to participate in Raina's pornography operation, and starred in the films himself as well. He participated in at least one snuff film, although he later claimed he didn't know upfront where it was going, just didn't see the point of letting it go to waste once the deed was done. He did a lot of unsavory things with Raina that her Ulfric Marcus didn't have stomach or inclinations for, but he didn't have Marcus' strength or leadership qualities.

As a symptom of his sadomasochist tendencies Gabriel really liked pushing his luck. Anita ended up gutting him in The Lunatic Cafe when he tried to force himself on her, although he survived the experience. He eventually fixated on the idea of raping and mauling Anita on film while she attempted to kill him. He managed to set up his dream scenario in The Killing Dance, but Anita won the fight, and Gabriel died.

Burnt Offerings[]

In this novel we learn that Gabriel's attempt to rape and kill Anita left her with some permanent scarring high up her buttocks and lower back, albeit faint. We also learn that he had been pimping out the members of his pard and with him gone the leopards don't know what to do and don't have anyone to fill his place, although Zane tries to imitate Gabriel to fill the void. We also learn that Raina used Gabriel and the pard to punish wayward wolves.

We learn from Sylvie, who was gang-raped by the leopards on film as punishment and a warning for others, that Gabriel was called a lion passant. It means that he may have led the pard, but did not give or offer active protection to its members. Although Gabriel did protect the pard in some ways, such as helping Zane quit drugs, or rescuing Nathaniel from the streets and protecting him as he explored his darker urges, Gabriel was not willing to risk his personal safety for the pard. He was, however, strong enough to share blood with weaker pard and pack members.

Blue Moon[]

Gabriel's pimping scheme is talked about again, and that it made good money in S&M circles. The pornography scheme also gets its own mention, with a note that on that part Gabriel never asked his leopards to do anything he wasn't himself willing to do, although given his tendencies that didn't leave a whole lot of things out. This early in the series Anita as the narrator is still strictly anti-S&M and considers the leopards sick for being into such things, and blames Gabriel for it.

We also learn that Elizabeth was Gabriel's partner in creating the pard, the two of them selecting and turning everyone personally. They were picked up when they were on their lowest, Zane with a severe drug addiction, Nathaniel as a street whore, and Cherry after she lost her leg, which Gabriel helped her to regenerate. Gabriel was selective about who he pimped the leopards out to, on his own twisted scale, although he never risked his life to keep them safe. The leadership terminology is discussed again, and the leopards admit that Sylvie was right calling Gabriel a lion passant, even if the pard at the time thought he was a léoparde lionne.

Gabriel taught the leopards that you can't trust anyone unless they want something from you and that you can purchase security with sex. He made sure all the leopards were submissive and broken and trained to bottom, although he was himself always on the top. Raina helped him in this mission.

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Powers & Abilities[]

As a wereleopard, Gabriel was endowed with heightened hearing, agility and endurance, and was significantly stronger and faster then normal humans. But because he was also an alpha, he possessed powers others did not. He was able to:

  • Partial Shapeshift - Gabriel was able to shapeshift hands into claws.
  • Share Power & Blood