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Evans is one of the most powerful touch clairvoyants in the world, and his experiences have given him a variety of mental issues. We meet him in The Laughing Corpse.


Blue eyes, stringy yellow hair that falls to shoulders, bristly reddish beard, and generally unkempt appearance.


Evans lives in a trailer park in St. Charles just off Highway 94. His trailer is an older model that is theoretically movable without too much of a hassle. The interior is an uncleaned mess.[1]


In The Laughing Corpse we learn that Evans is on retainer for Animators, Inc., and that R.P.I.T. used to use his services but no longer so. When Anita mentions getting a read on some samples Dolph says he doesn't trust Evans, but doesn't try to stop her. Later in the novel we learn that Evans hasn't left his trailer in almost a year. He is initially unwilling to have anything to do with what Anita brings him, and claims he doesn't touch things anymore -- something that prompts Anita to worry about the state of his hands. When Evan realizes this he says he's not that crazy. Anita manages to talk Evans into helping and he regrets it bitterly. He refuses to touch the other pieces of evidence Anita brought, and orders Anita to leave. It's the first time she's ever seen him angry, and she regrets having bothered such a clearly disturbed man, even if it was necessary. The details he gives Anita about the murder later help her to solve it.

In Incubus Dreams, Anita tells Bert Vaughn that she'll see about getting the police to send some of a murder victims' clothes for Evans to look at. Bert is skeptical since Evans nearly killed himself before by trying to cut off his hands, but Anita knows that Evans is accepting clients again. Anita doesn't explain that Evans is now married to a "projective psychic null" who is able to negate Evans' psychic powers, which stabilized him mentally.[2] In the epilogue chapter, the police have agreed to fly some of Stevie Brown's belongings to Evans, who has agreed to take a look.[3]


  • Unrelated to this character, a Doctor Evans and his wife Leonora Evans are introduced in Obsidian Butterfly.


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