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Ethan Flynn is a multicolored weretiger who carries four different tiger colors, blue, red, white, and gold, although he is initially unaware of his golden heritage. He is originally a bodyguard for the Red Clan, and later a bodyguard employed by Jean-Claude and Anita. He is first encountered in Hit List.


Ethan is 5'8" and has soft gray tiger eyes. His hair is short white-blond with gray lowlights and a single dark red streak running from his forehead to the back of his skull. His hair looks like a "talented dye job," but it is natural due to his mixed tiger heritage. Unlike Domino, Ethan's hair color doesn't change depending on which form he shifted into last.

Due to his multicolored heritage, he has four different tiger forms. In his golden form, his eyes change to hazel-blue and he has dark amber stripes.


Ethan's mother was from the red tiger clan, and his father was from the white tiger clan. Both parents were supposedly "pure," so it's unknown where his blue tiger and gold tiger heritage came from. Due to his mixed heritage, none of the women of the red clan wanted to mate with him.[1]

In Hit List, we see Ethan for the first time guarding a door to a Red Clan property along with Donny. Ethan is left alone with Anita at the Red Clan's base due to not being a pure red tiger and therefore unimportant to the clan who are also unaware of his golden tiger. Anita suspects Ethan's golden heritage immediately upon getting close enough to him, but doesn't tell him at first to prevent the Harlequin from hearing about it. The ardeur begins to ride Anita and they attempt to have sex, but they are interrupted by Alex, Li Da of the Red Clan, whom Anita initially came to meet.

Alex attacks Ethan in a blinding rage, pushing him into machinery. A broken pipe pierces his side, but he manages to pull himself off him. Anita drinks Alex's rage but it returns after only a moment, causing him to attack Ethan again. Ethan is forced to defend himself until Alex is rendered unconscious. Afterwards George, a Harlequin spy that has infiltrated the ranks of the Red Clan a couple of months earlier and is posing as a bodyguard, attacks Ethan and Anita in turn. George is better and faster than Ethan, and should be able to finish him off quickly, but it would leave George open for Anita to shoot him so he mostly toys with Ethan, keeping him on the way. Eventually Ethan allows George to cut him with a silver knife in order to be able to give George a push and to drop out of the way. Anita takes the opportunity to shoot, and hits, causing George to flee.

When Edward gets there he is initially angry with Ethan for not protecting Anita better, but upon hearing more details about the fight approves of Ethan's skills, endurance and reasoning. Anita tells them both about her suspicion that George had also discovered Ethan's golden heritage and was attempting to kill him as a bonus while attempting to kidnap Anita. Ethan is doubtful of this theory because he only has three forms, but Anita is firm about him carrying the strain regardless. They would take Ethan along to keep him safe, but are called into a crime scene, and have to leave him to the protection of the clan.

After Anita gets hurt defending against Harlequin ambush, she wakes up to Ethan wrapped around her. He tells her he and Alex have been taking turns to lay with her for the past day, allowing their energy to help Anita heal. The Red Queen wouldn't allow any others to get that close to Anita, fearing they would get similarly smitten. They talk about their issues for a bit and how the Red Clan looks down on Ethan's mixed heritage. He gets his first sexual encounter in two years, and eventually helps Anita feed the ardeur. It causes him to lose control and transform into a golden tigerman before his release. All of this overwhelms Ethan, and Anita pets him through his tears.

They are still cleaning up when Bernardo comes to fetch Anita. She invites Ethan to come back to St. Louis with her, somewhere he can belong, and then they take him back to the protection of the Red Clan. Anita threatens the guards not to let anyone hear about Ethan's new form, the queen included, but George knows a way to get Ethan come to where the Harlequin can get him, and he is captured along with Anita, Lisandro, and Bernardo.

After Anita escapes her cell with assistance from some of the Harlequin wereanimals Ethan is taken hostage along with Bernardo by the remaining Harlequin that are loyal to Marmee Noir. They chop off one of Ethan's fingers to coerce Anita into surrendering. While Marmee Noir is attempting to possess Anita, Ethan and Bernardo are freed by Edward's arrival. Anita uses her metaphysical bonds with her two triumvirates as well as her bonds to Domino and Ethan, who represent all five colors of tigers, to drain the life-force of Marmee Noir. Afterwards Ethan comes home to St. Louis with Anita.

In Kiss the Dead, Ethan is mentioned as being a bodyguard who is willing to feed both Anita's ardeur and to give blood to some of the vampires. Claudia doesn't have a preference between him and Domino at least on that particular day for partnering her to guard Anita at the Circus of the Damned, but as Domino ends up getting picked for the duty we don't get to see Ethan. It's also mentioned that his hair doesn't change color based on his last shift like Domino's does.

In Affliction, Ethan makes a very brief appearance as he is one of the six bodyguards chosen to go with Anita, Micah, and Nathaniel on their visit to Micah's dying father. However, one of the other six, a werebear called Nilda, has an emotional breakdown and Ethan is chosen to stay behind and escort her back to the Circus of the Damned. Ethan is also mentioned later in the book as being one of the guards that come along with Jean-Claude, but isn't seen again. Nicky says that Ethan is good, but isn't certain he can handle killer zombie apocalypse up close and personal any better than Dev.

In Dead Ice, Ethan is referenced for his role in the destruction of Marmee Noir.

In Crimson Death, Ethan is one of the bodyguards who accompanies Anita to Ireland. When Anita needs to feed the ardeur and heal, Ethan goes with her and Domino back to the hotel where they are attacked. Ethan kills two of the Roane, but is stabbed and knocked out by Rodrigo, a member of the Harlequin.

This novel reveals his full name as Ethan Flynn, which is on his passport. He is in a relationship with Nilda, a werebear and one of the Harlequin; Nilda is fully understanding if Ethan has sex with Anita because Anita is his master and all other relationships are secondary.

Powers & Abilities[]

Ethan is a powerful lycanthrope, as he was able to defeat Alex, Li Da of the Red Clan after sustaining injuries.

As a lycanthrope and guard Ethan has demonstrated:

  • Accelerated Healing: Ethan can recover from almost any wound other than those caused by silver weapons. It is presumed that since the Harlequin were trying to force Anita to cooperate that his finger was not chopped off with a silver weapon and that it will regrow.
  • Combat Skills: Ethan passed an "inspection" from Anita and Edward when he demonstrated his considerable combat skills in defeating an enraged Alex, the ability to keep an armed George at bay, and his tactical sense to take an attack from George to give Anita a clear shot at him.
  • Heightened Senses: Ethan has extremely acute senses, even in human form. He can "smell" lies as Donny had to ask him whether or not Anita was being truthful with them.
  • Superhuman Speed: Ethan demonstrated the ability to move at extreme speeds, though he was losing in speed to a Harlequin weretiger he was fast enough to avoid sustaining serious injuries from his opponent.
  • Superhuman Strength: Ethan is extremely strong. He was capable of defeating Alex with just a few blows while healing from a serious injury.


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