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Envy is a recurring character in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. She is a golden weretiger brought to St. Louis by Jake to help Anita and Jean-Claude, and she becomes Jean-Claude's golden tiger to call.


Envy is 5' 11" with thick yellow-blonde hair and pale blue tiger eyes.[1] Anita describes her as "tall, statuesque, and gorgeous."[2]


Envy is a member of a secret clan of golden weretigers. Jake and his master have kept the clan safe for thousands of years, since other members of The Harlequin would have massacred them under the orders of Marmee Noir. Jake refers to Envy and the others as his "kittens", and they refer to him as "Uncle Jake".[3]

Envy is introduced in Bullet. Jake brings her and other golden weretigers to St. Louis in hopes that Anita and Jean-Claude can become the masters of tigers to help defeat Marmee Noir. Anita steps out of the initial selection process, so the men in her life narrow the options to Mephistopheles aka Dev, Pride, and Envy. Anita learns from Micah that a female weretiger is selected as an option, which she anticipated since several of the men in her life wanted a woman to join their group.

While Anita is first meeting Dev and Pride, Envy enters the room with Damian and Cardinal, who are showing Envy around the Circus of the Damned.[4] When Anita's powers rise when she touches Dev and Pride, Envy approaches and kisses her. Anita calls Jean-Claude over, and Envy and Jean-Claude begin to kiss, and Richard joins them.[5] Anita leaves the room with Dev, leaving Envy to have sex with Jean-Claude and Richard.[6] Jean-Claude bonds with Envy as Anita bonds with Dev.

When Anita and the others discover Topaz, a golden weretiger who is a member of the Harlequin, they question him. Dev and Envy join Anita and Jean-Claude to show that they now have golden weretigers to call.

Envy is not mentioned in Hit List.

In Kiss the Dead, Asher says that Envy is jealous of Anita since "she hates that Jean-Claude drops her the moment [Anita] appear[s]." Envy has not spoken to Jean-Claude about this.[7]

In Affliction, Micah mentions that the vampires are "a lot happier now that Envy has become one of Jean-Claude's regular lovers."[8] Envy is one of the people Anita lists is in the epilogue chapter as "being happy" about the marriage proposal "until they found out they weren't getting a ring."[9]

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