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"If it meets with your approval, mistress, we would gladly try to help fill out your chain of daisies."

Echo is a recurring supporting character in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. She is a vampire, a member of the Harlequin, and one of Anita Blake's lovers.

Fortune is her blue tiger to call and they are each others' primary lovers. They both join Jean-Claude after the defeat of Marmee Noir.


Echo is about 5' 6" with cornflower blue eyes and pale skin. When she smiles, she has a dimple in one cheek. She has a trim figure.

In Dead Ice, her face is a "delicate oval," but in Crimson Death, her face is a "delicate triangle."

Echo's hair is inconsistent. In Dead Ice, she is described, in the same scene, as both being brunette and as having wavy blond hair with big loose curls at her shoulders.[1] A few chapters later, she is described as having "short black hair."[2] In Crimson Death, her hair is "a brown so dark, it was almost black," it has waves, and falls to her shoulders.[3]



Echo is first referenced, but not named, in Bullet. Jake tells Anita that Cynric "is not the last of the blue [tigers], there is one more, but she is busy fighting for her life alongside her master." Anita asks if the blue tiger and her master are on their side, and Jake tells her that they are.[4]

Dead Ice[]

Echo is introduced in Dead Ice along with Fortune. They are attending the soire for Anita to find a weretiger she might consider for the commitment ceremony, and Fortune is there as one of the available weretigers. Echo joins them and tells Anita that she and Fortune think Anita just agreed to meet with female weretigers "to stop your men from complaining when [Anita adds] another man to [her] harem." Jean-Claude doesn't disagree, but assures her he thought Anita was "in earnest" about the soire. Echo teases Anita a bit more, asking about Jade and Anita's interest in women in general. Anita asks Echo and Fortune if they can sense her power as a necromancer even when she's not using her power. She learns that they can, and this gives Anita an idea how to find the necromancer who is creating zombies with souls.[1] By the time Anita steps away to speak with Micah, their conversation is more friendly.[5]

When Thorn attacks Dev, Echo and Fortune restrain him. Echo demands to know of Thorn if he forgot that killing a vampire's animal to call could kill the vampire, indicating that this has put Anita in danger. She and Fortune press until Thorn admits that he wasn't thinking about that when he attacked Dev. The continue holding him as Anita makes her point by stabbing him in return, and Echo forces him to call Anita his queen. Anita tells them to take him from the room, and Echo tells Anita that she likes her. When Anita asks if it was the violence or the ruthlessness, Echo tells her it was both.[6]

When Anita and the poly group bring Dev back in, he jokes that if they had more women they could make a daisy chain. At that point, Echo, Fortune, and Magda all offer to join the group, with Echo saying they "would gladly try to help fill out your chain of daisies." Anita kisses each to see if there's a spark, starting with Echo. The kiss is soft and unremarkable, but after Anita kisses Fortune more successfully, Echo asks to try again after Magda. They kiss again, and it's better. Then the women kiss the men. Micah "looked just right" kissing Echo, and Echo licked the side of Nathaniel's neck "until he shivered for her." Jean-Claude and Echo were "strangely careful of each other." When Anita is abruptly called away for her case, Echo reassures her that they understand duty and blows her a kiss.[7]

Crimson Death[]

Echo is head of security at Danse Macabre.[8] She alerts Roger and Ricky that there may be trouble in Damian's office with Cardinale while Anita is speaking with Damian. Echo arrives while Damian is responding to Anita's thoughts out loud, and she explains to Cardinale that theirs is a deeper bond, which upsets Cardinale even more, and Echo declares she's unfit to work the rest of the night. Echo escorts Anita out and advises she enjoy her date later. Anita wonders if Echo is now a girlfriend.[9][10]

It's mentioned that Cynric has given blood to Echo.[11]

Echo is one of the bodyguards who goes with Anita to Ireland. She is chosen in part because she can double as food for the ardeur.[12]

Echo and Fortune are considering having a baby. Cynric tells Anita that Fortune was present during a discussion with Nathaniel about having children, and "if [Fortune] and Echo feel safe enough she might consider" getting pregnant, with the implication that Nathaniel could be the potential father. This upsets Anita.[13] On the plane to Ireland, Socrates shares that he and his wife are expecting a girl, and Fortune says, "That's wonderful to feel safe enough to have a family," reiterating that she and Echo are feeling safe enough for a pregnancy. As Harlequin, they were not allowed to have children before. Echo tells Anita that it isn't Nathaniel's child they seek, but their own, and Fortune says that she could just go off birth control and keep having sex with everyone, indicating that it doesn't matter who in their poly group ends up being the biological father. Echo and Fortune help talk Anita through some of her concerns about having a child of her own.[14]

When it’s time to close the windows to protect the vampires from the Sun, Echo is willing to let Anita keep a single window open while herself and Giacomo hide behind a curtain. Anita chooses not to, specifically to keep Echo safe, to the heartfelt gratitude of Echo and Fortune.

When the plane lands, it's still daytime and Echo is dead to the world. She is placed in a "lightproof duffel bag" to be moved off the plane.[15] The next day, Fortune stays in the hotel while Echo is dead to the world.[16] Ethan and Domino later pick them up from the hotel, so Echo can try to talk to one of the new vampires.[17]

When Anita works with the Irish police to go over the crimes, Damian and Echo stay with her in their lightproof duffel bags while Fortune and Nathaniel go out. Inspector Logan trips over Echo and then kicks the bag, and Anita responds by hitting back.[18]

When the topic comes up of Anita marrying one of the tigers to fulfill the prophecy, Fortune says that she's pursuing Anita's heart, but Kaazim points out that she's already committed to Echo.[19] When it comes up that the Harlequin did not anticipate an American vampire king, Fortune says that Echo told her what they "really didn't anticipate is that it took centuries to build the council's power base, and [they] expected it to transfer seamlessly to the next ruler, the next council."[20]


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