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Dulcia is a werehyena and the leader of a traditionally run werehyena clan. Her hyenas are the major animal group in her city, which is in need of a new Master of the City during Kiss the Dead, although Dulcia herself isn't mentioned until Affliction.



Asher is sent to Dulcia's city as a potential new master at the end of Kiss the Dead[1][2], and in Affliction we learn that he behaves himself for almost five months. He seduces Dulcia either during that time or right at the end of it, and then ignores her in favour of Kane, a significantly lower ranked werehyena in her pack, and all in all does his best to be a nuisance.[3]

The insult would usually be enough for Dulcia to make an example of Asher, but since he's there as Jean-Claude's envoy, she calls him instead rather than risk making an enemy of the the first vampire king of America. Anita speculates that it's possible that Asher doesn't realize how dangerous his choice of a temper tantrum is, as it's probably meant to piss off Jean-Claude rather than get himself killed, although Asher might simply not care about consequences while he is in a mood.[3]

For some reason it takes Jean-Claude almost a month before he brings the matter up with Anita during the main events of the book, but Micah is consulted earlier, and he is of the opinion that they should either let Dulcia kill Asher or get him out of her territory so that Micah can try to salvage the goodwill he had built up with her clan.[3]

Eventually they decide to bring Asher home, and he brings Kane along, which probably suits Dulcia just fine. Afterwards they ponder on potential ways to make up to Dulcia for Asher's behavior. A visit to her, flowers and high quality liquor, and jewelry are all discussed, with the last one most likely winning the race.[4]


Here we learn that Kane thinks that the only reason Asher slept with Dulcia is that Jean-Claude told Asher to seduce her. Kane being delusional is hardly a surprise at this point, though.[5]

Asher shares with Anita many things he learned about werehyenas and their culture and history during his half a year with Dulcia's clan. It is run very differently than Narcissus does locally, and Dulcia does not speak highly of him.[6]

As a female werehyena Dulcia is by nature a magic user, and probably a powerful one, or she wouldn't be the Oba of her clan. That might mean that she has two animal forms, bipedal and full hyena, even if most female werehyenas only have the bipedal form since they need their hands for more than fighting. Dulcia likely has any female attack survivors killed if she or her clan doesn't rule them trustworthy enough to be trained into their mystical arts, but she is also far less likely to do so than Narcissus used to do in St. Louis.[6]

The traditionally run werehyena groups usually try to hide and downplay their power, so Dulcia's clan being the major animal group in her city is unusual, but the reason for how that has come to be isn't explained. As a leader of a traditionally run clan she is also more likely than not a woman of color, although that isn't specified one way or another either.[6]


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