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"She had the same thick chestnut hair, but it was tied back from her face in a severe ponytail, high and tight on her head. The long, shining tail of hair swung as she moved, like it was alive. Her face, free of hair and makeup, was triangular, exotic, catlike. Her eyes were the same startling seawater green as Magnus's."
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Dorcas Bouvier, also called Dorrie by her brother Magnus, is part owner of the Bloody Bones restaurant in novel Bloody Bones.


Dorrie has sea-green eyes that swirl downwards to pinpoints when she's using her powers. Her hair is waist-length and chestnut, and her face is triangular and exotic. She dislikes being stared at, and is snappy if someone does so. She has perfect posture, and a nice, firm grip when shaking hands.


Like her brother she is descended from a French fey named Llyn Bouvier, and the daughter of a shaman of the local tribe in what later became Branson, Missouri. Llyn had brought along from Europe a less intelligent fairy, whom he kept imprisoned in a magic box. He made a potion from its blood in order to ensure that he and his descendants would have fey powers, but the effects weren't permanent, and eventually the creature escaped. It killed almost half the tribe, and grew to full size. Llyn managed to imprison Rawhead and Bloody Bones again, but couldn't regain control over it, and afterwards abandoned making the potion and let his power fade. He did succeed in ensuring fey powers for his descendants, in addition to the abilities they inherited through his wife, but they were also cursed to always remain near their family land and to ensure that Rawhead and Bloody Bones remained restrained.

We first hear of Dorrie at the beginning of Bloody Bones, when Anita learns why a law firm wants her to raise a whole cemetery full of over 200 years old corpses. We don't learn it until much later in the book, but that cemetery happens to be a Bouvier family plot that is part of all the magic that binds the creature to its prison. Consequently the Bouviers and their own lawyers insist that the land belong to them, and absolutel refuse to sell. Unfortunately no one is at that point certain which bodies those are, as the location of the family plot has been lost in time, and there's no proof of ownership. The law firm wants to build an exclusive resort there, and only the dead can tell who they actually are.

Later we meet Dorrie in person when Anita and Larry go to eat at the restaurant. Dorrie doesn't approve of Magnus using his powers on their clients for the lover's night, nor his habit of sleeping around, but she cares deeply for him. She thinks Anita is one of his conquests and comes barging in to her hotel room to look for him after he escapes from attempted arrest and disappears. Dorrie is shaken and embarrassed when she finds other people in Anita's bed instead, and ends up asking her help to finding Magnus, whom Dorrie considers "a little amoral, but not a bad man".

Dorrie blames Anita for betraying Magnus out to the police, but grudgingly shares knowledge with her -- including about the creature and how their family came to guard the mound that imprisons it, after Anita swears she won't tell the police in turn. When Anita insists on checking out the mound herself, Dorrie agrees to take her and Larry to see it the following day, when Dorrie herself isn't busy at minding the bar. They shake hands upon parting, and whatever Dorrie reads in Anita (blood, pain, and death), it horrifies Dorrie.

Dorrie is still suspicious of Anita the next day, and seems disgusted when she realizes Anita and Larry wear fairy ointment to see past fey glamours. They find Magnus on the mound, drinking from the creature. Dorrie is horrified and furious with him, and weeps like her heart is breaking. When she recovers she's back to her snippy, scorn-dripping self, and agrees that something needs to be done to prevent the creature from breaking free. They decide that raising a handful of the dead at the building site should be enough to satisfy the law of the correct owner but isn't too risky, and Dorrie promises to settle it with their lawyers. She also knows a local witch she trusts to help to secure the mound again.

Later we learn that Raymond Stirling has plans for killing Magnus and Dorrie and setting the creature after her children to ensure there's no one left to fight for the land ownership. When the Rawhead and Bloody Bones is killed, Magnus dies, and even and the restaurant is destroyed, Dorrie is free to take her children and start a new life with the big pile of money she gets from selling the disputed land to the law firm.

Powers & Abilities[]

Because her ancestors were a fey and the daughter of a shaman, Dorrie has powers from both branches of the family.

  • Glamour. A fey power that allows the user to cast illusions. Unlike Magnus, Dorrie typically uses her glamour to hide her startling beauty.
  • Harmony with nature: When Anita walks through the forest with Dorcas, it appears as if the forest plants move aside for her, or that she is in harmony with them. Anita never sees a plant move, but somehow, forest plants are never wherever Dorcas happens to walk.
  • Touch clairvoyance. Magnus describes Dorrie's far-seeing as her strong suit. In one instance she knows the exact time and place Anita and Larry will arrive at their parked car and waits for them.