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Domino Santana is a recurring supporting character in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. He is a half black and half white weretiger, whom we meet for the first time in Skin Trade.


Domino has two tiger forms, one for each part of his heritage. Both forms display typical coloring for that clan. In human form his hair is black-and-white, and the ratio of the colors depends on which tiger form he has shifted from last.



Domino is a member of the Black Clan of weretigers that is believed to be mostly extinct. He is also a member of the White Clan of weretigers. When he was young, he was found by Chiang Bibiana, who took him into the white tiger clan. His parentage is unknown.

Skin Trade[]

Anita calls Domino to her during a confrontation with Bibiana, because Bibiana does not have control of Domino's black tiger half. Later, after Vittorio forces Anita to lose control of the ardeur, she wakes and finds Domino in her bed along with the other weretigers Victor Belleci, Cynric, Hunter, and Sebastian. Domino becomes one of Anita's animals to call and she takes him with her back to St. Louis where he becomes one of her bodyguards.


We find out that Domino and Crispin have been teaching members of the other lycanthrope groups in St. Louis how to calm down the beast of a pregnant lycanthrope. They succeeded into getting Gina through three full moons without her shifting.

Hit List[]

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Domino joins Anita, Nathaniel Graison, J. J., Jason Schuyler, and Jade in bed while Anita learns about pleasuring women from J.J. He is mostly there to support Jade, as they are the only two black tigers in St. Louis. Jade is so uncomfortable around most men that when Jason and Nathaniel start to get involved, Jade asks Domino to take her out of the room, and he does so.

Dead Ice[]

Domino and Nicky help Anita exhume the grave of one of Anita's zombies. Domino is frustrated because he feels that Anita is putting him more in harms way. The frustration leads to a physical fight with Nicky, and Domino's lung collapses. Anita reaches out metaphysically to Richard, who helps her call Domino's beast, so he shifts and does not die. In this novel, Anita realizes that she has been keeping Domino and some of the other tigers at a distance because they remind her of being raped by Marmee Noir and Vittorio, but she does not tell this to Domino. At the end of the novel, Anita decides to no longer see Domino or Jade.

Crimson Death[]

Domino is one of the bodyguards who accompany Anita to Ireland to investigate an outbreak of vampire attacks. When Anita is injured and needs to heal, her regular lovers are unavailable to feed the ardeur, so she takes Domino and Ethan back to the hotel. She has sex with Domino for the first time in a while since he's been off her feeding list. Hotel security arrive to investigate a noise complaint, but it's really members of The Harlequin doing the work of Moroven, and Anita, Domino, and Ethan are attacked.

During the attack, Rodrigo stabs Domino in the chest, and Anita is unable to breathe until the blade is removed. The wound causes Domino's death. Rodrigo takes some of Domino's blood on his fingers and forces Anita to swallow it. Anita throws open her metaphysical shields with everyone she's connected to and shows them what's happening, so presumably everyone sees Domino's death.

After Anita rolls Rodrigo completely and makes him her bride, he explains that the weretiger prophecy isn't about the Master of Tigers marrying one of the tigers, it's about sacrificing one of the tigers and drinking their blood, which Anita would never have done willingly. Rodrigo completed the prophecy with Domino's death, securing Anita's role as Master of Tigers.

Domino's body is taken back to St. Louis.