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Dead Dave's is a nice bar located in the District. They serve a mean hamburger. The bar is owned by a Vampire called Dead Dave, who used to be a cop. In daylight hours the bar is operated by the daytime manager and bartender Luther.


The bar is all dark glass and glowing beer signs with brand names, making the windows look like some sort of modern art at night. The interior or the bar is dim even in daylight hours. In hot summer days the air conditioning works at full blast, making the entrance feel like stepping into a dim freezer. The air always smells like stale cigarettes. There are booths with tables, and bar stools along the bar. There's a phone with a long cord somewhere behind the bar.


In the early parts of the series Anita sometimes gets useful information about the vampire community from either Dave or Luther, depending on the time of day she drops in. For some questions Luther has to ask Dave's opinion/permission before answering. Sometimes they might even call her with heads-up if the situation warrants it.

Since Anita is a teetotaler, she orders 'the usual' so that everyone can pretend that she's just a regular customer drinking a screwdriver instead of the plain orange juice she actually gets. She pays a bit extra for her drinks in order to maintain the illusion that she pays for the information, even if her tips aren't actually big enough to match the value of what she learns. She also has to share some information in return from time to time if she has several questions, although she isn't expected to divulge confidential things from the cases she works for the police.

In the prequel comic The First Death Anita asks Dave about Guilty Pleasures and how she should approach questioning some people in there. Dave tells her about the place and points her to Jean-Claude, as well as shares some gossip about his current poor standing with the master of the city.

In Guilty Pleasures Anita asks Luther about Phillip, and then for Valentine's daytime resting place once he comes up. Luther answers the first but has to ask Dave about the second. They also touch briefly Anita's meeting with the master. Luther swears they would have warned her for free if they had learned of it before the fact, and tells her to be careful, maybe even get some backup. They are still on that subject when Ronnie calls the bar to reach Anita with information about HAV.

In later parts of the series Anita has more direct access to the vampire community and as such doesn't need to frequent Dead Dave's in order to get information.