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Damian is a Danish Viking who was turned into a vampire over a thousand years ago. Through a series of accidents and emergencies, he becomes Anita's vampire servant (similar to the role of a vampire's human servant) and a member of her second triumvirate together with Nathaniel, and eventually also her lover.

Damian was made by "She who must not be named" (later revealed to be Morvoren/Nemhain). He tends to have a calming effect on Anita, as shown in Cerulean Sins, because he was taught by She-who-made-him that her will was all important.

Damian lives in Anita's basement and works at Danse Macabre. He became slightly insane when Anita left St. Louis for six months, without her magic to control him or to make his heart beat.


Damian has vivid green eyes and almost blood-red hair that falls past his shoulders. Anita compares the milky paleness of his skin to clean white sheets. He is more body-shy than most vampires and shapeshifters we meet in St. Louis, and doesn't enjoy the costumes Jean-Claude likes to dress his people in. Damian is always handsome but his appearance changes slightly in Incubus Dreams, just enough to make him "breathtakingly" beautiful.


Before the series[]

Damian was born into a tribe of Danish vikings over a thousand years ago, and joined into the raiding life at the same time than Perrin, who was presumably either a friend, a kinsman, or both. Neither of them carried those names back then, but we haven't learned their original names. They raided, looted, pillaged, and raped as vikings were wont to do, until they one summer night went after the wrong castle at the coast of Ireland and Moroven took them both. It's unclear whether anyone else of the raiding party lived through the night.

Still a young man at the time his mortal life ended Damian learned to obey Moroven's slightest whims without any sign of disobedience, as her will was the only thing that mattered and she had the power and the inclination to enforce it. She ruled all her people through terror and sex, and fed on their fear. Damian spent over a thousand years under her heel as her favorite whipping boy.

Both Damian and Perrin, alone of Moroven's vampires, gained the ability to walk in the sun while Moroven was holding them by hand. They were something of a pride of her, but at some unspecified point in history the mere suggestion from a representative of the Council, that Moroven might not be the sole source of that power anymore, prompted her to let go of Perrin one day while they were still in the sun. Damian had to watch Perrin burn slowly to death while he begged for his life and Moroven laughed.

The Killing Dance[]

Jean-Claude bargains for Damian's freedom sometime before this novel, and the Council themselves rescue him from Moroven's court. Jean-Claude brings in Damian to be a dancer at his new club, Danse Macabre, and Damian isn't entirely happy about the situation or being bossed about by a vampire half his age. There's an incident at the club where Damian pushes against his new situations and rolls a customer deep enough that it could earn him a death sentence with the right judge. Anita contains the situation, but she's unhappy enough with Damian that after she accidentally calls his corpse from his coffin during daytime, among some others, she chooses him as a target practice for cutting and healing vampire flesh with her necromancy. She's a bit late laying his body back to rest, and when whatever animates vampires returns to his body it casts Anita violently out.

Incubus Dreams[]

Damian confronts Anita one night, and she accidentally binds herself to him and Nathaniel in a new triumvirate. This grants all three new powers, and Anita wakes to see that Damian is lying in sunlight without burning. Damian panics and Anita shields herself, but she shields too hard and cuts off her connection with Damian, causing him to lose his mind. Anita rebinds him to her, and they have sex for the first time with Nathaniel holding her hand and Richard watching.

That same morning, Damian's old master uses fear on the three of them, but Anita and Richard are able to save them with Jean-Claude's help.

The new triumvirate drains Anita's energy, and she nearly kills Damian twice by draining his energy too much. First, Damian collapses at his club, and she feeds the ardeur with Requiem to give Damian energy. The second time, Anita wakes from a dream that Damian is frozen in the bath. Nathaniel gets her to start trying to feed herself more so it will stop happening, but she'll also need to feed the ardeur more often now.

In the epilogue chapter, Anita gets a group of friends together to help clean up the basement for Damian so he'll have a more personal place with her.


Damian does not appear in Micah and is not mentioned.

Danse Macabre[]

Due to him and Anita having sex in Incubus Dreams, Damian is a potential father of Anita's suspected pregnancy. However, vampires over a few hundred years old are not very fertile, so him fathering a child is unlikely.[1]

It's revealed that Damian will not die at dawn if he's with Anita, but only if Nathaniel is also present.[2]

Anita has a breakdown and makes a panicked attempt to break her connection to Jean-Claude and get rid of the ardeur, which threatens to kill Damian while he's still asleep for the day. When she realizes that she can't sense him in his coffin, she comes out of it. Nathaniel collapses, trying to give energy to Damian to keep him alive until Anita has fed the ardeur.[3] When Anita feeds off London, she's able to give Damian enough energy to wake.[4] But he's so weak that he collapses in the hallway and Richard has to help him to Anita's room. Jean-Claude suspects that Anita woke him too early, which is why he's so weak. Anita and Nathaniel touch him and he's helped by the power of their triumvirate.[5] Nathaniel stays "tucked in" with Damian when Anita goes to her doctor's appointment.[6]

When Anita later learns that her love for Micah and Nathaniel was shaped by the ardeur, Damian calms her and reasons that their love is more important than how it came about.[7] But he uses vampire powers to help convince her, and his eyes appear as "emerald fire," so Anita pushes him away.[8]

When Meng Die wants sex, she approaches Damian, but he backs up. He tells Anita that, "We fuck when we can't find anyone else," which Anita had not been aware of.[9]

During a meeting between Jean-Claude, Anita, and Augustine, Damian sits on the floor at Anita's feet and touches her leg to keep her calm.[10]

Damian attends the ballet and sits across the table from Anita. She holds his hand when vampire powers start being used on the audience, and he's scared at first, but he's rolled with the others.[11]

The Harlequin[]

Damian's coffin has been moved into Jean-Claude's bedroom so they can check on him if Anita begins draining him again.[12] When Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard nearly die, Damian and Nathaniel provide Anita energy by feeding excessively. In less than a day, Damian "has taken more blood than any vampire should be able to hold, and still he feeds."[13]

In the confrontation against The Harlequin at the Church of Eternal Life, Damian is standing with Jean-Claude and their people when Anita arrives. Anita holds Nathaniel's hand to open their triumvirate, and Micah takes Anita's hand when it should be Damian's power, causing Anita's leopard to nearly rise. She reaches out metaphysically to Damian, and he helps her calm it.[14] When Columbine nearly takes Malcolm's vampires, Malcom bites Damian to blood-oath himself to him, and through Damian to Anita, to keep his vampires safe. Damian and Nathaniel help Anita use the ardeur as friendship to protect the vampires with touches and kisses that push back Columbine's power.[15] The three go to Jean-Claude, and Damian shares his calming power with Richard. When Richard refuses to help with the ardeur, Anita tells Damian to let Richard go.[16] After letting go of Richard, Damian joins the circle even though he has "some of the same issues with other men that Richard had," but Damian is more practical. Anita has a moment to feel Damian's thoughts, and Damian thinks that nothing that might happen would be worse than death, and he thinks of her and Jean-Claude as good masters and worth fighting for.[17]

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Powers & Abilities[]

Although over 1,000 years old, Damian will never be a Master Vampire, but because of his connection to Anita, as her vampire servant, and Nathaniel, Damian has increased in power.

  • Immortality - Damian is over 1,000 years old yet possesses the appearance of a beautiful young man.
  • Superhuman Strength - Damian possesses considerable strength considering his age. He is not as strong as a master vampire of comparable age, though he may be stronger than a young master vampire.
  • Superhuman Speed - He can move at teleportation-like speeds.
  • Heightened Senses - His senses are heightened to such an extent that he can hear whispers from some distance away, see in the dark, and tell a human's emotional states from their scent.
  • Accelerated Healing - He is extremely difficult to harm. Wounds from most objects, even bullets, heal in seconds without causing him any seeming discomfort.
  • Psychic Abilities
    • Daywalker - Like his maker, Morvoren, Damian has the the power to physically walk in daylight, but doing so drives him into a fear-induced insanity. This comes from witnessing Perrin, one of his Viking comrades who was also turned into a vampire, burst into flames from walking in the sunlight while he and the aforementioned Viking were in the "care" of Morvoren.
    • Flight - According to Asher and Anita, Damian is one of the best vampires at flying.
    • Triumvirate - Damian is part of Anita's second triumvirate with Nathaniel. He has a calming effect on Anita, and can "feed" her his energy, if required.
  • Master Swordsman - Damian had been in life a Viking, and his preferred weapon was a sword which he keeps in his coffin.


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