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Crispin is a white weretiger from Las Vegas. He first appears in Blood Noir as a stripper performing for a bachelorette party. Anita Blake makes him her white tiger to call before she learns to control the power.


Crispin's hair is white curls. Blue tiger eyes.


Blood Noir[]

As an adult male of his clan Crispin routinely takes the beasts of the pregnant female weretigers so that they do not lose their babies during pregnancy. When Anita accidentally calls tigers thanks to Marmee Noir's influence, and Crispin answers the call, he uses this same method to keep Anita from turning into a full wereanimal.

Marmee Noir keeps messing with Anita that night, and eventually manages to trigger completely out-of-control ardeur in her. She ends up having unprotected sex with Crispin, Jason, and Alex Pinn for two days without any of their consent, missing a pill in the process. Crispin is thrilled by the possibility of having made Anita pregnant and offers to marry her and take her back to Las Vegas with him. His clan rules forbid Anita from terminating a pregnancy if he's the father, and the Master of Las Vegas, who is married to the clan leader, threatens to go to war over the matter. They finally get around the issue by claiming the potential baby is far more likely to be Jason's, and much later in the book Anita takes a morning after pill without consequences.

Before any of the rest of the plot or the morning after pill can happen there is a big metaphysical mess to sort out, and in the end they realize Anita has addicted Crispin to ardeur like she once did to Requiem. Alternatively, it's her tiger call with the same effect, but either way he's too young and mortal to break free of it. He doesn't want to be separated from Anita, but does get sent back to Vegas in the end. He does gain some legendary clan tiger powers in turn, although we don't find out yet what they are.

Skin Trade[]

Crispin appears again in Skin Trade when Anita visits Las Vegas. After the case, she takes him with her to St. Louis.


In Bullet, Crispin and Domino have been teaching members of the other lycanthrope groups in St. Louis how to calm down the beast of a pregnant lycanthrope. They succeeded into getting Gina through three full moons without her shifting.

Hit List[]

Crispin is mentioned just once as being one of several people who flirts more and better than Nicky.[1]

Kiss the Dead[]

Crispin is mentioned as being one of the few people Jade will allow to share the bed with her and Anita.[2] When Anita questions her loyalties, she thinks of being the master of tigers and mentions Crispin as one of the tigers.[3]


Crispin is mentioned just once as being one of several people who were happy for Anita's group engagement "until they found out they weren't getting a ring."[4]


Domino mentions Crispin, saying they were rasied together in the white tiger clan. Domino tells Anita that when her people find other lovers, she sees it as "delegating" her people to them, so she feels she doesn't need to date them anymore. He says it's what she's done with Crispin, who's currently dating other people.[5]

Dead Ice[]

Crispin and Domino both "found lives of their own" when it was clear that Anita didn't have time for other people in her life, and Crispin is dating other people. Anita admits to herself that she hasn't let any of the weretigers from Vegas get too close to her because she associates them with the rape done by Marmee Noir and Vittorio.[6]

When Thorn attacks Dev, Crispin is one Anita's metaphysical links who can feel the pain of it. He joins them in the room with a hand on his side where Dev was stabbed.[7] Crispin joins the private discussion about the power flair between Dev, Micah, and Anita. He suggests that Dev try to shift into a second animal form, and he witnesses Micah and Dev gain the ability.[8]

Crimson Death[]

The tigers connected to Anita are all developing the abilities of their clans. Crispin is mentioned for his ability to call lightning to his hands, which is "the power of his clan manifesting since he became Anita's white tiger to call." Cynric describes it as "super static electricity." Like Crispin, Alex Pinn can call fire to his hands, and Cynric can create earthquakes.[9]

Potential Inconsistencies[]

  • When Crispin first appears, he's 21 to Anita's 27 or 28. In Crimson Death, the narrative refers to Crispin and Domino being "within a few years" of her age, one older and one younger. At that point, Crispin should be about 24 to Anita's ~31. Seven doesn't usually get grouped into 'a few'.


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