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Craig is the night secretary/receptionist at Animators, Inc. He takes over from the day secretary Mary at 6 pm and works until 6 am. The job involves taking calls and manning the lobby desk for the visiting customers, as well as keeping track of the appointment book and who is using which office.

We meet Craig for the first time in Guilty Pleasures, and he's a continuous if sporadically mentioned presence at the office throughout the series.


Craig is slender and taller than Anita. His face is round, and he keeps his baby-fine brown hair short. He wears round glasses.


Guilty Pleasures[]

We see Craig for the first time at the very beginning of the first novel when Anita leaves her office after her meeting with Willie McCoy. Craig is typing furiously at his computer at the time, and his eyes widen when he sees her with her cross out and sporting an unconcealed shoulder rig and a gun, but he doesn't say anything.

The next evening, when the police is trying to reach Anita to a crime scene, Craig is presumably the secretary who tells them that Anita is at a bachelorette party. He tells the same thing to Edward, who is also asking after her sometime during that night.

Later in the novel Anita's beeper goes off. When she calls the office, Craig answers, and informs her that Irving Griswold called with an urgent message. Craig doesn't know what the message means, and Anita doesn't enlighten him. When he points out that Anita sounds awful, she hangs up on him.

The Lunatic Cafe

We don't see Craig again until the fourth novel, when Anita has him schedule her an appointment with Bert. This is the first time we get Craig's appearance and learn that he has a wife and two babies. Craig doesn't seem to believe that Anita, even spitting mad, might actually pull a gun on him to get the appointment, but when she leaves he's dutifully leafing through the appointment book trying to find a slot to squeeze her in.

Later in the novel we learn that Craig did indeed manage to make an appointment for Anita, only to have Bert to cancel it.

Bloody Bones

We don't see Craig in this novel, but he's mentioned briefly when Anita is at the office in the morning after his shift has ended.

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