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"Detective Clive Perry was standing by the body. He was a tall, slender, black man, and most recent member of the spook squad. He always seemed so soft-spoken and pleasant. I could never imagine Perry doing anything rude enough to piss someone off, but you didn't get assigned to the squad without a reason."
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Detective Clive Perry is one of the newest recruits to RPIT in Guilty Pleasures, and one of the most polite people Anita has ever met. He is soft-spoken, hardworking, and courteous, and always calls everyone by title and last name. She is curious to know what it was that he did to get transferred to the Spook Squad.


Tall and slender black man, wears his suit jacket even at hundred degrees. At winter he adds a pale camel's-hair coat and a matching hat that is stylish and doesn't cover his ears.



We see Perry very briefly in two frames of The First Death comics. He doesn't say anything, but is sitting at a desk behind a laptop, listening to the husband of one of the victims.

Guilty Pleasures[]

We meet Perry at the very first novel. He stands with a notebook by the body at the second crime scene, and smiles at Anita when she greets him. He gives her a go-ahead to examine the body, and asks her if she's alright after the task makes her nauseous. He raises his eyebrows at her insistence that she's fine, but is too polite to press the issue. He leads her to the decapitated head of the victim, and asks if she's ready before lifting the plastic cover. When Anita rises quickly and takes a few steps away upon recognizing the victim, Perry comes to stand by Anita and asks again if she's alright.

The Laughing Corpse[]

Again we see Perry near a crime scene, when he comes to meet Anita in order to escort her across the cemetery to the victim. He's sweating in the heat, but hasn't removed his suit jacket. When Anita asks how bad the crime scene is, he shakes his head and says it depends -- not as bloody as the previous one, but this time it was a kid. He doesn't say anything when Anita throws up after seeing the body.

Later, at another crime scene at a single family home, Perry is one of the people Dolph calls in to lift the sheets for Anita. Perry greets Anita with polite "Ms. Blake, good to see you again." in stark contrast to Zerbrowski's familiar "Hiya, Blake." and what she would expect from any other cop's that she knows. Merlioni gets impatient with the polite chitchat and asks if they could move along if they aren't planning to elope. There is no mention of Perry's reaction to the crime scene or how he takes the bet between Anita and Merlioni.

The Lunatic Cafe[]

In this novel we meet Perry when Anita isn't allowed into a remote crime scene and she tries to call Dolph for assistance. Dolph is busy arguing, so Perry comes in his stead to inform her they aren't quite ready for her yet. Once again Anita wonders how he ended into the department that was pretty much a punishment at the time. When he notices that Deputy Aikensen has pulled a gun on Anita Perry tries to talk the deputy out of it, even promising to him that Anita will leave if he puts the gun down. Perry shakes his head when Anita tries to argue, and she follows his lead, but unfortunately the deputy is racist on top of his other less than stellar qualities. Anita calls him jealous, and Perry begs her to let him handle the situation. When the thought manages to sink in to the deputy that Perry probably also has a gun the deputy swirls around to point the gun at Perry instead. Perry keeps his empty hands carefully visible, but the distraction allows Anita to go for her gun in turn. Perry tries to talk her down as well, which the deputy chooses to take an offense with, and Anita very nearly shoots him before his Sheriff Titus commands the gun down. When Dolph questions Anita and Perry about the incident, Perry isn't sure if the deputy was really going to shoot or not, and even Anita isn't sure anymore. Afterwards they follow Dolph back to the sheriff, even if Perry points out that they've been talking with the sheriff for an hour already without getting anywhere.

The Killing Dance[]

Perry is mentioned very briefly, when Dolph scribbles down a note and tells a uniformed officer to take it to Perry. The note presumably contains instructions for Perry to call Jean-Claude in order to inform him about Robert's death and to warn that someone might be after Jean-Claude himself.

Burnt Offerings[]

This time Perry is in charge of a crime scene at Burnt Offerings, although no one is actually dead. Anita muses back to the events of The Lunatic Cafe as the only time she's seen Perry lose his composure, and even then not enough to make him yell. Anita is much nicer to Perry than anyone else, because his politeness makes her fall into the same pattern. He explains the events of the crime to her, and they talk a bit about their suspicions. After Anita promises the bartender she'll be doing her best to get the bar itself out of any trouble, Perry remarks that it was very comforting of her, but doesn't add that it was uncharacteristic like any other member of the squad would have. Anita also appreciates him not giving her a hard time about her dress.

Narcissus in Chains[]

Whatever it was that got Perry assigned to the Spook Squad he is still on the team in the later parts of the series and backs up Anita when Dolph starts to crack under the strain of his personal problems with the monsters.

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