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"Kill this guy for us, Anita."

Claudia is a tall wererat with a take-no-guff attitude. Unlike most lycanthropes she is comfortable with handguns, although she's more than adept at hand-to-hand as well. We meet her for the first time in Narcissus in Chains when she's assigned as one of Anita's bodyguards.


Claudia is around 6' 6" tall and is more muscular than most men. She has long black hair that she usually holds back in a high, tight ponytail. Anita describes Claudia as being beautiful even without makeup.

As one of the guards, Claudia wears the "guards' unofficial uniform" of black, usually a black tank top and black pants.


Claudia's first appearance is in Narcissus in Chains, when Rafael tasks her with the protection of Anita. When the wereanacondas of Chimera come and try to kill Anita, Claudia protects her and is wounded in the arm.

In Cerulean Sins, Claudia is one of the wererats who participate in the ambush to capture Leopold Heinrick and his partner. When the police arrive, she is taken into custody, but because Anita deputizes Claudia as a temporary federal marshal she is released.

During the events of Danse Macabre, Claudia becomes extremely protective of Anita when it is believed she might be pregnant. Claudia puts herself between Anita and Richard when he demands that she quit her job as an executioner and marry him.

In The Harlequin, Claudia is one of the bodyguards who protect Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard from themselves when they are under the influence of the Harlequin. After Rafael feeds Anita's ardeur, Claudia is one of the wererats who are partially affected, while others are knocked out cold. She resumes her bodyguard duties later.

In Bullet, Claudia takes part in the orgy provoked after Morte D'Amour/Marmee Noir to try to force all of the people in the Circus into killing each other. The morning after the orgy, Claudia, Anita, Kelly Reeder, and Rosamond fight Haven to protect Noel and Travis, two less dominant werelions. During the fight, the two lionesses are knocked out, leaving only Claudia to help Anita. Claudia succeeds in keeping up with Haven and kicks him across the room. Haven then shoots her in her right arm, after which Anita shoots him. She receives immediate care from Dr. Lillian and is later healed when Anita takes the life-force of Jamil and Shang-Da to heal Richard, along with Kelly Reeder, Rosamond, and Nathaniel.

In Kiss the Dead, Claudia is with Anita when she returns to the Circus and finds Mephistopheles and Asher fighting about their relationship. After Asher hurts Anita and others, Anita asks Claudia about Sin's strength; Claudia tells her that Sin is her weakest tiger after Jade.[1] When it appears that Anita might feed the ardeur, Claudia says she needs another guard,[2] and she waits outside the showers.[3] After Nicky nearly dies from over-feeding, Anita screams for help and Claudia arrives and calls for a doctor.[4] Since they aren't certain what happened to Nicky, Claudia calls in more guards, and she insists that guards be present with Anita while she's with Asher.[5] Anita later calls Claudia and tells her to get security to search their business for bombs.[6] Anita and Claudia search the Circus together, and Claudia reveals that she really doesn't like Asher and is glad he's being sent away. It's also revealed that Claudia is dating someone, but she won't say who.[7] Claudia goes with Anita and Pride to the police station, and admits to "trying to date" Wrath, and there's a possibility that she and Pride might date, although it's still unclear who her "steady lover" is.[8] Zerbrowski pretends to scandalize Claudia, but shows her pictures of his kids on his phone.[9] Claudia is with Anita during the hostage situation at Guilty Pleasures and helps Anita plan.[10]

In Affliction, Claudia travels to Colorado as head of Jean-Claude's guard detail since Bobby Lee was out of town on other business.[11] Anita calls Claudia to let her know that the Lover of Death is alive and behind the attacks, and Claudia informs her that Seamus is missing.[12] When the vampires wake for the night, Claudia is in charge of telling Jean-Claude, Wicked, and Truth of Anita's plan to fight the Lover of Death.[13]

In Dead Ice, Claudia doesn't appear but she is mentioned several times related to her high position with the guard. Claudia and Fredo are the ones who interview people for guard jobs, and Anita decides to talk to her about Dino's poor fitness level. Claudia, like Anita, is in favor of having more female guards.[14] Claudia is apparently not working that night,[14] but Kelly later takes Lita to Claudia.[15] Pepita tells Anita what Claudia told her and the other female guards to be professional about sharing the showers with the men.[16] When Ricky torments Anita in the locker room because he doesn't recognize her, Anita thinks she'll talk to Claudia later about introductions for the new guards.[17] When Anita uses one of the extra large towels in the showers, she thinks that on Claudia it "barely covered the essentials."[18]

In Crimson Death, Claudia again doesn't appear but is mentioned several times related to her work with the guard. Claudia teaches the main hand-to-hand fighting class for the guards, and has told Anita that Nathaniel isn't good at it because he lacks the will to win. Sin mentions that Claudia has told them that they aren't allowed to shapeshift in the gymnasium.[19] Edward suggests Claudia as one of the people to come to Ireland with Anita, but Claudia doesn't travel out of town with Anita. Nathaniel explains that Claudia doesn't want to be around Anita if the ardeur rises.[20] After an incident with the new guards, Claudia and Fredo have decided that the new guards cannot be paired up together, they must be teamed with a more experienced guard.[21]

In Serpentine we meet Claudia in person again and learn that she is unhappy with the current policy of hiring all the muscle the various animal groups bring to the city regardless of their suitability to the job. She brings the issue to Anita because Claudia is currently unable to communicate with Jean-Claude properly thanks to the power boost previous novel's events gave him. His presence is now overwhelming enough that she isn't sure she wouldn't open a vein for him if he asked, even if she doesn't consent to donating blood to anyone under her right mind, and this makes her nervous to be near him. Pride confirms that this problem isn't limited to Claudia but also affects him as an entirely heterosexual man. They only want Anita's help in dealing with the hiring policy, though, and don't want her to inform Jean-Claude of the power issue unless things get worse.[22]


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