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"He closed his hand over the cross. He didn't close his eyes, but he wasn't seeing the restaurant. He looked past it all, and I felt his power ripple over me like a tiny electric current."
Anita on Howard Grant[src]

A Clairvoyant has a psychic ability that may allow them to sense the history of a person or an object by touching it, as well as feel any associated strong emotions, and possibly even physical sensations. Some of them can also see the aura of other people, and feel their power from distance. They might also see visions of things to come or things that have already happened or are happening elsewhere.

The abilities of clairvoyants make them, in theory, useful assets for police and other investigators open-minded enough to accept psychic help, but the strong negative emotions associated with violent crimes can take their toll on the clairvoyant themselves. Some of them also use their abilities as a tool in their con artist repertoire.

The stronger the ability the worse it tends to affect its user, and especially powerful clairvoyants tend to avoid physical contact whenever possible, sometimes even to the point of shutting themselves outside of the society to the best of their capability. One of Anita's early associates, Evans, is such clairvoyant, and his experiences have given him a variety of mental issues. On occasion he vehemently refuses to use his powers to help Anita anymore, as each time is a clear and serious risk to his sanity. He is eventually driven to attempted self-harm thanks to the constant onslaught of impressions and sensations, but regains his mental balance after meeting a projective psychic null whose "powers" mute his own in close proximity.

Known Clairvoyants[]

  • Evans - one of the most powerful touch clairvoyants in the world
  • Magnus Bouvier - some touch clairvoyance and other psychic powers thanks to fey ancestry
  • Dorcas Bouvier - stronger clairvoyant than her brother, both in touch and through visions
  • Howard Grant - clairvoyant and con artist, sees auras, and claims to see visions but it's unclear how much truth there is to those claims and how much of it is just for act

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