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"There was a bouquet of spotlights on the top of the Circus of the Damned. The lights slashed the black night like swords. The multicolored lights that spelled the name seemed dimmer with the huge white lights whirling overhead. Demonic clowns danced around the sign in frozen pantomime."
Anita Blake[src]

The Circus of the Damned is a local circus show, located in a huge warehouse. Situated under the Circus is the residence of the Master of St. Louis and the daytime resting place for the St. Louis kiss of vampires. The Circus was formely owned by Nikolaos, but after she was killed by Anita, ownership was passed to the new Master of the City, Jean-Claude.

Security for the Circus is provided by a number of wererats, werewolves and werehyenas.

Circus, upper level[]

The Circus of the Damned is in a converted warehouse. From the front it looks like a carnival with posters promoting the freak show, and dancing clowns twirling on top of the glowing sign. The warehouse contains a permanent carnival, a circus ring and a freak show that held mostly mythological creatures.

The circus ring is located in an in-door old fashion huge blue tent. The tent contains tiers of bleachers and a solid concrete stairscase which leads to an office.

Circus, lower level[]

Entry to the underground is made through a side door, which can only be open from the inside. The door leads to small room, with a door to the main part of the Circus and a second to the underground level.

Living room[]

Jean-Claude's room[]

Other chambers[]

  • Computer room
  • Banquet room - A large cavern illuminated by gas lamps.
  • Dormitories - The underground level contains a number of smaller rooms for the humans and shapeshifters that live at the Circus.
  • Gym - A larger cavern has been turned into a gym, complete with an indoor track, weights and other trainning equipment. It also contains a locker area.
  • Kitchen - A small kitchen build for the humans and shapeshifters living inside the Circus.
  • Infirmary
  • Vampire coffin chamber - A room containing the coffins of all the vampires living in the Circus.
  • Showers - Because of the large number of people living inside the Circus, new plumbing has been installed in the undeground and a large shower room has been build, along with other smaller bathrooms.