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"Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
Gabriel (quoting William Blake) to Christine[src]

Christine is blonde weretiger living in St. Louis. She is a lycanthrope who belongs to no social group. She is a rarity, since tiger-based lycanthropy is hard to contract. In The Harlequin it is revealed that she fled to St. Louis in order to avoid an arranged marriage.


Short blond hair, worn styled and fixed in place with gel.

When Anita first meets Christine she wears a red business skirt suit with rose petal-like pinkish undertones, a white blouse with a blousy tie, and sensible black pumps. Anita thinks the tie makes the suit seem feminine and a bit silly. On their second meeting at Richard's living room Christine wears a pink nylon jogging suit made for looking at rather than working out on, and a pink T-shirt visible over the open jacket.


The Lunatic Cafe[]

Anita meets Christine for the first time at a lycanthrope meeting held at the Lunatic Cafe. Christine helps Anita out by calling out Marcus for his hypocrisy and lack of proper procedure at several points. After Anita kills Alfred and talks about calling the cops, Christine points out it was hardly all on Anita. We also learn that Christine isn't squeamish about getting Alfred's blood on her shoes. When Gabriel starts messing with Anita in turn Christine tells him to leave Anita alone, but Gabriel just embarrasses Christine by reciting the poem "Tyger, Tyger".

The Killing Dance[]

Christine is again present at a meeting among lycanthropes, representing independent shapeshifters who have no group with an actual leader. This time Christine's tiger lycanthropy is stated outright instead of as speculation. When Anita is introduced to the people she mentions having met Christine before, and Christine confirms it was that time Anita killed Alfred. This time Anita and Christine don't get along as well, although Anita is grateful that Christine knocked on Richard's bedroom door before the meeting and stopped Anita and Richard from having sex where everyone would have been able to hear them.

Christine only has a few sentences in the discussion, first to ask if Anita and Louie have something better to do when they linger discussing the situation, then to confirm that Anita's scent clings to Stephen's skin in a way that isn't consistent with carrying someone, and finally if Anita is serious about killing Raina if she comes after Stephen again, not just shooting or wounding her. Christine's name isn't mentioned afterwards, but she is presumably among the general appreciation of the news that even if Richard won't kill to enforce his authority, Anita will, and as such among the people who give their blessing for Anita to be a Lupa for the werewolves.

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