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Cherry is a supporting wereleopard character in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. She was formerly a nurse, but lost her job when it was discovered she had lycanthropy. She acts as Anita's medic when needed, and can assist Dr. Lillian. She and Zane were once lovers and remain very close.


Tall and slender. Naturally straight blonde hair cut very short. A strong triangular face.[1][2]

Cherry flaunts her lycanthropy via exceptionally sensual attire and behavior in public. In the privacy of a home environment she prefers to remain nude.


Prior to her introduction, Cherry was a nurse. Unlike most known shapeshifters, Cherry more or less consented to receive her lycanthropy (from Gabriel), since it enabled her to regrow a leg that was severed in an automobile accident shortly before. When it was revealed to her bosses that she was a lycanthrope, she was one of the first to be laid off because of "budget cuts."

Cherry is introduced in Burnt Offerings. She arrives with Zane and is unhappy with Anita for not saving all the wereleopards. Anyone who wished to leave Padma could "walk out," which forced Cherry and Zane to leave Gregory and Vivian behind, which Cherry tells Anita.[3] Richard later insists that Cherry comes with them even though Anita said it was voluntary, and it's revealed that Richard hit Cherry to make her comply. Cherry was so frightened on the drive there that she had sunk low in her seat, hugging herself, "slowly curling into a little ball." Anita and Richard argue, and Anita gets him to let Cherry wait in the car.[4]

Cherry is revealed to be a nurse and helps Gregory and Vivian, showing a professional, confident, and competent side of herself in doing so. Helping Gregory also calms her. Dr. Lillian trusts Cherry's work as a nurse as well.[5] When the ambulance takes Zane to the hospital, Cherry rides with him.[6]

In Blue Moon, Cherry accompanies Anita on the plane ride.[7]

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