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Charles Montgomery is another animator who works for Bert Vaughn at Animators, Inc. Because he is built like an offensive lineman, Anita sometimes uses Charles as "muscle". However, he is actually a gentle family man who would not hurt anyone.


Charles is 6'1" tall but seems bigger. He has broad shoulders and seems to be just as broad all the way down with seemingly no waist. Anita compares him to a moving mountain. His hand is big enough to cover her face. His eyes are the same dark brown as his skin.

Despite the gentleness of his soul Charles looks big and bad, and one look from him has been known to send would-be muggers screaming for help.


Caroline - Charles's wife is a registered nurse whom Anita considers to be okay. However, Caroline also looks down on animating, calls it mumbo jumbo, and thinks the whole thing is gross. She keeps Charles on short leash, and Anita suspects that he's actually glad for the excuse to not do things he wouldn't really want to do anyway.

Sam - Charles's son is four years old when the series begins.


Guilty Pleasures[]

Charles is briefly mentioned in the first novel as Anita's coworker who is good enough as an animator, but too squeamish to take as a backup to a freak party. Anita also doesn't want to put him into risk's way because he has a four-year-old child.

The Laughing Corpse[]

We learn a lot more about Charles in the second novel, and meet him for the first time as well.

Even before the novel starts Charles is working with Anita in a new nationwide committee that is looking into the working conditions of zombies. They go around the businesses and check up on things personally.

When Anita calls Manny for backup, he's thrilled she still picked him over Charles and Jamison even if both of them are younger than Manny.

Charles is one of the people attending Peter Burke's funeral. We learn that he faints at the sight of human blood, has almost zero pain tolerance, and cries when watching Disney movies. Charles leaves right after the service.

When Anita learns that she needs mean-looking backup to visit the Tenderloin, the local red light district, without getting harassed she decides on Charles, and Luther jokes about his tendency to faint. It has apparently happened once in public.

Charles has a pre-existing appointment into checking out the zombie working conditions at The Laughing Corpse, so Anita arranges to meet him (and Jean-Claude) there. When she arrives a chef is arguing with Charles about why a zombie in the kitchens isn't an issue. The chef tries to grab Charles by arm, but is dissuaded of the thought very soon. Charles threatens to have the place closed down if the zombies aren't kept away from the kitchen, but it's only when Anita points out to the chef that he'd have to explain himself to Jean-Claude that the point really gets across.

Anita hasn't explained the purpose of their meeting to Charles beforehand, and he's uncomfortable to the point of blushing with the thought of going to the Tenderloin. He points out that his wife isn't going to like it, and that they don't lie to each other about anything. Anita points out he can tell his wife he has extra animator business, confident she won't ask for more details about that particular subject. He finally agrees, and says he's flattered to be asked for backup, although he needs to be home soon.

While Anita is having her meeting with Jean-Claude Charles calls home and learns that their baby-sitter is sick and his wife has been called back to work in the hospital, so Charles has to go directly home after all. He asks if going to the Tenderloin can wait for another night, and when Anita says it can't, he decides he can't allow her to go alone and his wife will just have to figure something out. However, Anita decides it's too risky to involve Charles after all since he really can't take care of himself and has a wife and a four-year-old son besides, and promises to take someone else as a backup. Charles apologizes but is glad to be off the hook, and Anita makes a mental note of that.

Circus of the Damned[]

In third novel we learn that Charles, like Jamison, can only raise two zombies in a night, but we don't see Charles in person.

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