Catherine Maison (later Maison-Gillette) is a criminal attorney at a private law firm and one of Anita's best friends at the beginning of the series. Catherine works at the same firm as Monica Vespucci and considers her a friend, although Monica's friendship in turn is rather more questionable.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Pale grey-green eyes, freckles that she hides with delicate makeup, and spectacular copper-colored hair that is curlier than Anita's.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Smart and perceptive, stickler to order and the law. She is "the girly one" of Anita's initial friends. After getting married Catherine turns into one of those people who want to see everyone else married as well.

History[edit | edit source]

Catherine serves mainly as a plot point in the first few novels, as Anita is forced to attend or prepare for Catherine's bachelorette party (Guilty Pleasures), wedding (The Laughing Corpse), Halloween party (Circus of the Damned), and dinner party (The Killing Dance). The first event is how Anita and Monica initially meet, as Monica uses the event and Catherine's life as a bait to force Anita into the service of Nikolaos. Anita manages to keep Catherine from harm but never finds a way to let her know about Monica's duplicity. Catherine also occasionally provides legal help for Anita and some other characters, and emotional support for Monica after her husband is killed.

As Anita drifts deeper into the violent preternatural world where human laws don't quite cut, and gains more secrets she can't share with Catherine, their friendship grows more distant and their meetings less frequent. Anita doesn't want to put Catherine in the harm's way, as she doesn't carry a gun, nor into a position where she would have to choose between her strict morals and saving Anita from trouble. Anita also doesn't want to intrude into Catherine's new marriage, and although she wows to renew their friendship at the end of Obsidian Butterfly, considering two years enough time for honey-mooning, we rarely hear any kind of mention of Catherine after that.

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Family[edit | edit source]

Bob Gillette[edit | edit source]

Bob is a lawyer like Catherine. At the beginning of the series Catherine is engaged to be married to Bob, and does so at the end of The Laughing Corpse. We meet him for the first time in The Killing Dance, at Catherine's dinner party, and later in the book he's briefly mentioned as serving as Anita's lawyer when she's giving her statement after killing a woman in self-defense. In Blue Moon Bob answers the phone when Anita calls Catherine hoping to get her recommendation for legal help for Richard, and we learn that neither Bob nor Catherine wakes up easily and that they don't apparently keep secrets from each other.

Bob is a balding man with a nondescript face and some thirty extra pounds. He wears small round glasses. Anita considers him to be a rather dull but he looks at Catherine like she's his whole world, and she seems to see something special in him as well.

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