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"I believe in the sanctity of life. I thought I valued that above all. Watching Sabin's golden beauty rot away has convinced me otherwise. I will do anything,anything to help him recover."

Cassandra was a werewolf and secretly a member of a triumvirate with Sabin and Dominic and Sabin's lover. She worked at Danse Macabre under false pretenses. We met her in The Killing Dance.


Cassandra was about Anita's height, with wavy, waist-length brown hair and hazel eyes. She could hide her power well enough that Anita wasn't able to feel it even at direct touch despite knowing Cassandra was a werewolf. Anita thought Cassandra made Sylvie look like an amateur in that regard.


Cassandra claimed to be a new werewolf in town. In reality, she was part of a plot to sacrifice Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard in order to save Sabin from a fatal wasting illness (which had been brought on by not drinking human blood, to please Cassandra). Their scheme was unsuccessful, and Harley killed Cassandra during the attempted ritual.

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