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"I have been given the fourth mark and will live as long as my mistress needs me."

Burchard was the human servant of the master of St. Louis, Nikolaos.


Burchard had thin, narrow face, with dark eyes made more noticeable by his nearly hairless head. He spoke with a deep, cultured, vaguely British-accented, voice.

Six hundred years serving Nikolaos had solidified Burchard's military demeanor; he would automatically stand rigidly to attention most of time, and appeared most unsurprised by most events he witnessed. He was quietly confident in fights, and seemed only concerned with his master's welfare.


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Skills & Abilities[]

Burchard was a soldier with nearly 600 years of experience, highly skilled in multiple types of weapons. As well as guns he was adept in knife fighting, and seemingly a master swordsman. Experience had taught him to anticipate the opponent's next moves, and he was also knowledgeable in the art of concealing weapons about one's self.

As a result of his fourth mark, Burchard had a number of superhuman powers. Most notable was that he did not age. Others include:

  • Endurance and recuperative powers far in excess of the human norm.
  • Telepathic communication with his master, or through dream over unspecified distances.
  • Could provide energy for his master, no matter distance or impediment were between them. He would replenish his own energy by extra eating or drinking.