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Bradley Bradford is a FBI Special Agent and later a member of the Special Research Section, which is essentially the FBI's version of RPIT. He works with Anita in Branson, Missouri, and later in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and thinks very highly of her.


When we first meet Bradford he is wearing a standard federal issue of a dark suit, a dark tie, and a white shirt. He is a short and white counterpart to tall and black Agent Elwood, and despite those obvious differences there's a sameness to the men.


Bloody Bones[]

During the events of Bloody Bones he is the Special Agent in Charge when FBI arrives to the scene to investigate the first suspected vampire serial killer and ends up investigating an attack on the Quinlan house and the kidnapping of their son and their daughter's body. Bradford has heard of Anita at some lectures Dolph has held at Quantico, and also from an officer that was questioned first, and doesn't seem to consider the reality meeting the hype.

Bradford seems fairly competent at figuring out when someone is lying or withholding information. He calls Anita on it several times throughout the story, although he fails to get the secrets out of her. This is probably one of the reasons, combined with Sergeant Freemont's negative report and the Quinlans threatening to sue everybody instead of just Anita, that makes Bradford shut her out of the investigation, even if he later confesses he doesn't believe everything that Freemont said. He gives Anita strict instructions to call him and only him if she finds out anything, and gives her both a phone number and his personal beeper number, but also tells her to stay the hell out of all of it until they've found her a vampire to kill. He isn't very happy when she keeps calling him regardless, and at one point he even threatens to have her jailed for obstruction of justice and hampering a police investigation when she doesn't stop trying to participate.

This tune doesn't change until after Anita gets kidnapped by the Branson Vampires and manages to escape on her own. Bradford's eyes are a little too wide when he takes in her appearance afterwards, and tells her she should get to a hospital. He questions her about the events of the night, and again doesn't seem to fully believe her account -- or Larry's -- but doesn't push when Anita points out that truth is a mixed blessing. From there on she has his trust and he takes her suggestions seriously.

Bradford is in charge of the operation of burning down the Bloody Bones Bar & Grill according to Anita's instructions in order to destroy the vampires within. When Serephina tries to make Anita stop the operation, she has Bradford disarm and cuff her. He's bewildered but does as instructed. When Anita says the kid is inside Bradford does start to call off the operation, but Anita sends Larry after Bradford to tell him to keep it going after she realizes the kid is already dead and on his way to become a vampire. Larry and Bradford half-carry Anita to a patrol car to keep her contained, and after she breaks out of it Bradford is probably one of the several people who pile on her to keep her from running into the burning building.

Obsidian Butterfly[]

Anita meets him again in Obsidian Butterfly, when he calls her back on the case at the crime scene in Dead Horse Ranch, where he is again the Special Agent in Charge. Anita mentions that he has kept in touch with her and has been assigned to FBI's preternatural division - Special Research Section. His calling Anita back on the case does not sit well with his colleagues, especially Agent Franklin of Investigative Unit.

She tells him that they need to consult a wiccan to find out the spell the victim used or tried to use on the monster before dying. Once they know the spell they can use it to their advantage. Bradford is uncertain because if the witch is not able to provide any useful data his career and the unit will be in jeopardy. He advises Anita to take a break and to be wary of Olaf. He also informs her that when he pulled her file to consider her for possible FBI work, he inadvertently got Anita tapped as a potential "Spook" - dangerous types hired by the FBI with blacked-out files.

Cerulean Sins[]

He comes to St. Louis in Cerulean Sins and gives Anita information regarding Roy Van Anders, the man responsible for a series of brutal murders.


He is mentioned in Micah by Agent Franklin when he implies that Anita would know he's been reassigned as she is sleeping with Bradford. In reality she never has been.