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Bloody Bones is a restaurant located near Branson, Missouri. It is operated by two of the principal characters in the novel Bloody Bones, siblings Magnus and Dorcas Bouvier, and is named after a creature that their family is cursed to guard in order to ensure it will never again inflict its evil on the land. This creature is a fey their ancestor brought with him from Europe, a nursery boggle called Rawhead and Bloody Bones, and it's bound within a mound in the woods behind the restaurant.


The restaurant is located up a narrow red gravel road that is barely two cars wide and doesn't have streetlights. When Anita and Larry first visit there someone or something has butchered the trees back from the road. Magnus later claims it he did it in a drunken rage, and Anita believes this explanation enough to add Magnus Bouvier to the list of potential suspects in the investigation of the series of murders.

Further up the road there are two long poles holding up burning torches, illuminating a wide gravel turnaround to the left of the road. There's room to park more than twenty cars and trucks haphazardly on the dark gravel parking lot in front of the building.

The restaurant itself is a one-story building that stands on an old clearing close to the edge of the woods. Dark wooden shingles cover the roof and climb down the walls, making the building look like some sort of natural growth sprung out from the red clay. There's a wooden sign hanging from the eaves, sporting deeply carved words "Bloody Bones" in smooth, curving letters. The door swings inward directly into the bar.

Inside there's a bar along one side of the room, and a dozen small tables scattered on the floor. To the left there's a small stage, and near the back wall a jukebox and a small hallway that probably leads to bathrooms and the kitchen. All surfaces starting with the floor and ending to the low ceiling are dark, thoroughly polished wood. The room is lit with chimney glass covered candles on the wall, and similar chandelier and more candles hung from the ceiling, and the light from the flames makes the polished dark wood glow rather than reflect. The support beams are hand-carved with fruiting vines and stray leaves that look like oaks, and more of the same curves around the edge of the bar. The menus are laminated pieces of paper printed on both sides.

Friday nights are lover's nights, when Magnus performs what the locals believe are illegal love charms to make everyone beautiful and desirable for a few hours, but which are in reality fey glamours that are perfectly legal as long as all participants consent to them. The locals enjoy the events so they look the other way, up to and including members of the law enforcement, and the lie helps them to fail to consider that Magnus might not be entirely human. Dorcas doesn't approve of the event or the use of glamours, but it fills the tables with men and brings women three-deep to the bar.


Some of the events of the novel take place within the restaurant, and it's mentioned several times throughout the story.

Anita and Larry attempt to dine there after visiting the first crime scene, with the side purpose of meeting the Bouviers, but Larry can't stomach food after seeing the carnage and Anita spends so long questioning Magnus (who is more interested in hitting on her than being informative) that she only has time for a few bites before her beeper goes off and she has to go back to the car to call Dolph back. She has Larry ask the food packed to go, though.

During the call Anita mentions Magnus as someone who might be capable of keeping people from running or fighting back while they are being slaughtered, and consequently Sergeant Freemont pulls some strings to get a warrant to get him arrested that same evening, even if there's no actual evidence against him. She confronts him at the restaurant, and Magnus uses his glamour to escape. Anita hears about this later that night from Freemont, and again the next morning from Dorcas, when she barges in to Anita's hotel room searching for Magnus.

Dorcas also tells Anita he never came back to the restaurant, and that they are shorthanded with Magnus in the wind, but tells her to come to the bar the next afternoon if she really insists on checking on the mound. The following day Anita and Larry do drive to the restaurant, but don't go inside as Dorcas is waiting for them in the parking lot. She leads them around the building to a path that starts from behind, at the very edge of the clearing.

After Serephina takes Anita she wakes up in Serephina's coffin on the stage of the restaurant that has become the new resting place for the Branson vampires. There's another coffin on the floor holding Xavier and Jeff, and the rest of the vampires are just lying around. Magnus is guarding the place and tries to keep Anita from escaping, but with the creature now dead Magnus isn't quite as hardy as he used to be. He fails to keep her inside, although it takes her a couple of attempts to actually get away. Magnus dies on the sunny parking lot, burned to death in the clutches of Ellie, a newly turned vampire that Anita has raised like a zombie.

The restaurant itself is eventually destroyed a few hours later when, at Anita's recommendation, Agent Bradford has the building doused with gasoline and set it on fire in order to destroy the vampires. Serephina tries to influence Anita to stop the destruction, but ultimately fails once she realizes Jeff has been turned into a vampire as well. With the creature and Magnus both dead and the restaurant now gone as well there's nothing to keep Dorcas and her family in Branson anymore.

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