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BrianPainter BrianPainter 2 March 2018

Anita Blake should be on Netflix

I wish the Anita Blake series was on Netflix! They have been doing some great series lately and is the perfect network to fully express the fantasy world that Laurell K Hamilton has created for Anita. I also think that the perfect actress to play Anita is Martha Higareda . If you haven't seen her in Altered Carbon (Now on Netflix) then you need to check it out. She is short, athletic, sexy, and can play a sassy/kick-ass cop.

Netflix has been showing some great series showing great action, adult themes, and fantasy. Some examples are Penny Dreadful, Bright, and Altered Carbon.

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Fusedtwilight Fusedtwilight 9 February 2018

Pure Blood Lycanthropes

So for the longest time it was assumed that it was impossible for female lycanthropes to have children as the stress of transforming would cause a miscarriage. However in the last several books we have found out this is not true.

Being a swam is either the result of a curse or heredity. We also discovered that werecobras are capable of birthing their children in the form of eggs or like mammals. Jane Talbot said her strain is inherited and not tied to the moon.

Then the big game changer came in Blood Noir where we find out that weretigers have a technique where they take a pregnant females beast to keep them from transforming and help them birth their child safely. In recent books Anita mentioned they have been teaching other shifter groups …

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Fusedtwilight Fusedtwilight 6 July 2015

Anita's Vampire Powers

So since Anita is a necromancer she can sometimes copy vampire powers either permanently or temporarily. I was wondering how many powers she has?

She got the arduer from Jean-Claude, life-force draining from Itzpapalotl, the power to cut the ties of a vampire master and their servant from Marmee Noir, she temporarily copied Malcolm'spower, I think in Bullet it was said she had the power to call all beasts because she copied it from Padma, I also think she got the power to feed on anger from either Primo or the Dragon in Incubus dreams but didn't use it until Blood Noir. And she has shown the ability to cut someone from a distance. If I am missing anything or got any powers wrong please tell me

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AaronHW AaronHW 27 May 2013


I'm new to this series, but if anyone on here has info on mermaids as a species from these books, can you please add them? thanks!

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Arckonsoul Arckonsoul 16 January 2013

Spirit Werelion

Soul Werelions or Spirit Lions are unique and rare types of creatures.

Like so many lycanthropes or Anthropomorph. Werelions are so called because of the term were, which means half human and lion for the species of animal in which it is similar to.

Unlike Werewolves the Werelion is a creature of the bright day. This means that they are docile at night, but dangerous under a sunny day.

Werelions are very prideful, honorable, trust worthy and easilly proviked.

One species of were lion the Arosanocian. They are the rarest of all licanthropies because they have three forms;

Day form "Daymare" they will look like ordinary werelions but they instead have this beautiful golden fur that reflects the sun rays.

Night form "Nightmare" when under the full mo…

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Jabberwokk Jabberwokk 2 June 2011

Animal to Call

Having recently discovered the series I am almost caught up to the most recent book, however I have noticed something. I was trying to figure out a list of what was who's animal to call, and which wereperson in specific was called, and noticed there was no list of such things. Now, being new to this wiki I am not sure if things like that are done, so if you guys just don't do that thats cool too.

What I mean by list of animals to call and who is who I mean, for example.

Character - Animal to Call - Specific person

Jean-claud - Wolf - Richard Zeeman

Asher - Hyena =

Anita Blake - Panther, Wolf, Tiger, Lion - Nathanial Graison (panther), Jason Schuyler (wolf), Crispin (tiger)

something like that

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