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Bernardo Spotted-Horse (or Spotted Horse without a dash as it's spelled in Skin Trade) is a human who sometimes works as a bodyguard, sometimes as a bounty hunter, and is sometimes an assassin. We meet him for the first time in Obsidian Butterfly. Lately he does more body guarding than varmint hunting. As of Skin Trade, he has been made a federal marshal.

Bernardo flirts as easily as he breathes, and loves to have no-strings-attached sex with ladies. He is not very accustomed to getting turned down.


He is about six feet tall, lean and muscular. He has lovely abs, and is tanned, even over his Native American coloration. His face is a soft, full triangle, with a dimple in his chin and a full mouth. His hair is heavy, black, and waist length, and his eyes are dark brown. His features are more Caucasian than Indian, and he is very handsome. He wears tight clothing, and silver jewelry.

Bernardo is of mixed Native American and Caucasian ancestry. His mother was white, his father was Native American, tribe unspecified.


The vampires' nickname for Bernardo is "Hunger" as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The other three are Ted Forrester (Death), Anita Blake (War), and Otto Jeffries (Pestilence). In many ways Bernardo is the least scary horseman, and has less experience with the more disturbing or obscure things than the other three, but he is nevertheless among the people Edward/Ted Forrester sometimes invites for backup.

As of Affliction, Bernardo has the fifth highest kill count of any marshal.[1]

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Bernardo is invited to Edward/Ted and Donna's wedding in Florida. He meets Anita at the airport, and Rodina and Ru try out their personas on him. He drives them to the boat to take them to the island, but when Micah gets a call from someone he's trying to help, Bernardo goes with him and Anita to help. They pick up Andy from a restaurant, and Bernardo is with him when Andy begins to shapeshift into a nest of snakes, but Anita knocks Andy out and they drop him off at home.

At the hotel when Anita discovers that Dixie is trying to tell Becca about the supposed affair between Edward and Anita, Anita goes to the pool to tell Bernardo. He's flirting with various women at the time.

Bernardo flirts with Bettina Gonzales, who later goes missing and is found dead. Bernardo and Bettina had gone back to his hotel room, but he's clear of suspicion because her friends saw her leave. When Bettina's body is found washed up on shore, Bernardo accompanies Anita, Edward, and Olaf to investigate, but since Bernardo knew her personally he needs to walk away from the scene. He starts a fight with Olaf, who would not have been bothered to see a woman he'd had sex with dead.

On the drive back, there are too few seats in the car, so Anita will have to sit on someone's lap. Olaf makes threats, so she first sits on his lap. After the car spins out and their lions react to each other, Olaf agrees to Anita moving, so she sits on Bernardo's lap the rest of the way. They speak with Tyburn and Angela Dalton, and when Angela says something flirty, Bernardo gets unusually defensive, as he's still affected by Bettina's death.

When Denny goes missing, Bernardo reveals a secret: that Denny is asexual, and he and Denny had no-strings-attached sex two years ago as part of her figuring things out for herself, and he talked to her therapist to help her. They had been talking about it in the hotel bar, and he thinks someone may have overheard, which is why she was abducted.

Bernardo assists Anita, Edward, Olaf, and Tyburn in questioning a witness where two women went missing, and he goes to the location of the kidnapper to take down the massive snake monster.


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