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Avery Seabrook is a newly dead vampire introduced in Incubus Dreams. He is implicated in a murder, but Anita Blake clears him. He is a member of the Church of Eternal Life, but later blood-oaths to Jean-Claude.


Incubus Dreams[]

During a murder investigation, Jessica Arnet and Abrahams went to Avery's apartment to question him. Arnet saw blood under the door, so they entered and found the dead body of Sally Cook. She bled to death from a vampire bite on her thigh, and Anita is concerned that the church isn't teaching their new vampires basic skills.[1]

Anita goes to the Church of Eternal Life to find Avery and potentially execute him for Sally Cook's murder. After a confrontation with Malcolm, Anita rolls Avery and a good portion of the congregation,[2] and she uses Malcom's telepathy to read Avery's mind and see what really happened. Anita learns that Avery had sex with Sally and another woman, but left before Sally died. He spent the night in a spare coffin under the church, and he intended to tell Malcom that someone was trying to recruit church members but was waiting until after the service. Anita asks him if anyone else was recruited, and he names Jonah.[3]

After Anita executes Jonah, she sees Avery in the crowd as she leaves. Avery no longer looks happy with her.[4]

Avery later approaches Jean-Claude, requesting to change masters from Malcom to him.[5]

The Harlequin[]

Although Avery took Jean-Claude's blood when he took the oath to him, Jean-Claude suspects Anita is more Avery's master than he is.[6]

Malcom uses Avery to get a message to Anita, informing her that the Harlequin are at the Church of Eternal Life and threatening to blood-oath Malcom's vampires. When Giovanni takes Avery's phone and speaks to Anita, she makes it clear that Avery is blood-oathed to Jean-Claude and can't be touched.[7]


Avery is almost six feet tall with soft brown eyes and medium brown hair. He has a "male hairstyle that has never really gone out of style for fifty years."[8]

Anita considers him soft-looking, as though he's never really been tested.

Personality & Traits[]

Avery keeps his apartment neat. When Anita reads his mind, she knows that he is neat and meticulous about his person as well.


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