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"The mind behind the voice was like nothing I had ever left. It was ancient, terribly ancient."
Anita Blake[src]

Aubrey is a centuries old vampire. Although not a master, Aubrey is a proud and powerful lieutenant of Nikolaos. We meet Aubrey in Guilty Pleasures.


Aubrey has brown eyes and apparently brown or auburn hair, although we only learn that in the comics and Guilty Pleasures Handbook. When Anita first sees him in the novel his hair appears to be golden silk and his skin glimmering ivory, and his eyes appear to be drowning pools of solid brown, but at least some qualities the hair and the skin are probably illusions created by vampire powers. The eyes mostly prove that he is using vampire powers at the time, and not just a little of them either. His powers do not fully extend to his voice, though, and that sounds almost ordinary compared to his unreal beauty. When out of control or not bothering to pretend his face becomes bestial and behavior animalistic enough that he cuts his own lips with his fangs and allows spittle to run down his skin when he hisses. He does that quite a lot whenever he's angry or laughing, and his mood is quick to turn.


Before the series[]

Guilty Pleasures Handbook speculates that Aubrey was likely born in France in the 14th century. How he became a vampire or when he arrived in the new world is unknown, but Nikolaos may have been responsible for one or both, unless she became his master only later. Before the events of Guilty Pleasures Nikolaos locked Aubrey into a cross-sealed coffin for three months as a punishment for some unspecified slight, which resulted in the mental instability we see in him within the novel.

Guilty Pleasures[]

After Anita refuses to work for the vampires, Aubrey rolls Catherine at her own bachelorette party in order to blackmail Anita into changing her mind. He attempts to do the same to Anita as well, but her own psychic powers help her to resist, if only barely. She joins Aubrey at the stage under her own will as a compromise, and when Aubrey fails to behave, ends up having to defend herself against him. In the end Jean-Claude manages to talk Aubrey down in French after only a little blood is spilled, although Jean-Claude doesn't escape quite unscathed either. Afterwards Jean-Claude convinces the terrified audience that it was all scripted entertainment.

At Anita's insistence Catherine is sent home unbitten after Aubrey wipes her memory of the incident, but his hold of her is permanent and unaffected by distance. When Anita demands guarantees for Catherine's safety from Aubrey's master, they take her to a nearby hotel and try to pass off Theresa as Nikolaos. Anita isn't fooled and Aubrey's strenuous control snaps again, leading him to backhand her with enough force that it almost kills her. When Nikolaos learns of this she is furious, and locks him back into a cross-covered coffin.

Two nights later Aubrey is free of the coffin again, and helps to kidnap Phillip from Guilty Pleasures. He likely helps Nikolaos and Valentine in torturing Phillip before Anita gets there, and rips his throat out when Nikolaos so commands. Aubrey taunts Anita by promising to do the same to Catherine, and gets a concealed silver blade to his heart as a reward. He is old and powerful enough to survive the wound, however, and is lying in his own coffin two days later when Anita and Edward sneak in to take out the nest. Edward injects Aubrey with silver nitrate, but that's only enough to wake him up, and he grabs Edward by throat. Anita puts a 9mm silver bullet between Aubrey's eyes, and then blows his head off with a silver-loaded shotgun, but he only lets go after she blows another big hole where his heart used to be and kills him for good.

Nikolaos is disappointed that her planned fun of having Phillip's zombie try to attack Aubrey in his coffin, and consequently having him kill Phillip again, is now ruined. The zombie is clearly afraid of the spot where he was killed, even if he is pretty much an automaton at that point. When Phillip starts to come to himself after the fighting is over he remembers who killed him and tries to warn Anita, only to get her reassurances that Aubrey is already dead.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Immortality - Aubrey was over five hundred years old and possessed the appearance of a beautiful young man in his prime.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Heightened Senses
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Psychic Abilities
    • Rolling
    • Heightened Beauty
    • Empathic Voice Manipulation


  • Sunlight
  • Silver
  • Fire
  • Wooden Stakes
  • Holy Water
  • Religious Iconography
  • Garlic