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Arlen Brice is a federal marshal who was trained for preternatural work in classroom instead of in the field. We meet him in Kiss the Dead.


Brice is on the short side with 5'8" or 5'9" of height. He has pale brown eyes that are almost amber, and a hair color somewhere between really dark blond and pale brown, which may or may not be called 'champagne blonde'. He is charming and standard, more ordinary level of handsome than Nathaniel, with an easy smile that rises a little higher on one side. Brice wears his hair with a nice haircut.

Personal history[]

Brice has been a cop for eight years by he time of Kiss the Dead, and his marshal badge is somewhat recent. He has lost someone who was important to him, and Anita thinks it happened less than a decade or two ago because he doesn't elaborate on the issue.

History within series[]

Brice is one of the three marshals participating in the operation of bringing down the vampire anarchists in Kiss the Dead. He seeks out Anita's company during a lull, using meal plans with her and Zerbrowski as an excuse for not going to eat with Detective Arnet. As the newest eye-candy of the department Brice has a whole group of women after him.

During the food trip Brice admits wanting to learn the trade from Anita rather than Larry Kirkland, but claims desire to get advice on how to get rid of all the unwanted for advances without causing offence as the real reason for butting in. Brice tells Anita and Zerbrowski about being a closeted homosexual, and how awkward all the attention is because of that. He admits to having checked out Nathaniel (among others) on the Guilty Pleasures website, and knows he's Anita's live-in-sweetie upfront.

Brice is easy company, and Anita ends up talking about more personal things than she means to. It makes her suspicious of his motives and story, as she hasn't seen him interact with any man in a manner that would prove his claim. Especially so when at the end of the meal Brice easily charms a group of the women who are after him, and secures a date with Detective Arnet in an attempt to draw her attention away from Nathaniel.

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