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"He did smoke pot and didn't have any plans for college. Andy wasn't going anywhere. It was like the fact that he loved my sister was everything. Like they'd live on love or something stupid like that."
—Jeff Quinlan[src]

Andy is teenager from Branson, Missouri, who was made vampire by Xavier a few weeks before the events of Bloody Bones.


We never get a good look at Andy, but Jeff Quinlan describes him as "older and sort of cool", although also as a loser.


After Xavier turned Andy into a vampire both he and his car went missing, which led a lot of people to believe that he had run off. His girlfriend Ellie Quinlan didn't seem to care, though, which initially made her brother Jeff glad that she was moving on, and then to suspect that Andy had got a job somewhere and was planning to send for Ellie. Unfortunately it was really just a sign that she knew Andy hadn't really left at all.

Shortly after the beginning of Bloody Bones Andy turns Ellie into a vampire as well, likely by her permission. He messes things up, however, and has to flee before he can take her body with him, leaving it mostly naked in her bed. Ellie's father is a deeply religious man who believes he has put an end to Andy and Ellie's relationship, and consequently has Sheriff St John and the local cops believing that a random vampire broke in raped and murdered Ellie in cold blood. Anita knows better, but as Ellie is not of age it's still a murder.

A hunt through the woods after Andy is arranged, and the hunting party walks straight into an ambush which Andy is apparently part of, although we never get a good look at him. Anita realizes only later that Andy was likely one of the vampires they shot and killed. When Ellie rises as a vampire she is too out of it to realize Andy is gone, and doesn't live long enough to regain her self and start grieving the loss.


Andy was turned by Xavier, a known pedophile. However, Andy was too old to fit to Xavier's usual victim group, and thus it's possible that Andy wasn't one of the victims. Xavier may have turned Andy because Serephina wanted to expand her court, or simply for the purpose of getting an easier access to Ellie, or more likely Jeff.