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The American Council, alternatively known as the American Vampire Council, is the North American counterpart of the Vampire Council. It is founded by Jean-Claude who is the only council member, and he becomes an "American King" of the vampires.



The idea of a council in America is first raised in Bullet. Following an attack, Jean-Claude suggests the possibility with Richard and Anita as a way to protect themselves from the council, Marmee Noir, and Morte D'Amour.[1] When Jake later brings his weretigers to Anita and Jean-Claude, he says he needs Jean-Claude powerful enough "to head the council in America."[2]

Hit List[]

By Hit List, "what’s left of the European power structure is trying to make [Jean-Claude] head of a new vampire council here in the States."[3]

Kiss the Dead[]

The central conflict in Kiss the Dead involves a faction of vampires retaliating against the new vampire council in the United States. A faction of vampires are against having a new council or leader, or any master at all. One vampire tells Anita that he would rather die than be bound to Jean-Claude, saying, "we don’t want to belong to a master. We want to be free, not belong to another council. They’re gone; let them stay gone."[4] An unseen antagonist, Benjamin, is "old enough to remember the council in Europe and to not want that to happen here," which is why he's encouraging vampires to have no master. One of his followers tells Anita that they "won't be slaves to Jean-Claude."[5]

When Anita asks Jean-Claude about this issue, he tells her:[6]

"I heard rumors of dissatisfaction at the idea of the ruling council of all vampires being here in America. There are some that fear that the old council members that remain alive will simply set up shop here, and rule as they did of old. To keep that from happening was one of the main reasons that I have been encouraged, by most, to set up an American vampire council. I and the vampires here are more trusted than the old European masters."

The American Vampire Council and Jean-Claude's involvement is public knowledge, as it's been in the news that he could become "the first American head of [the vampire] council."[7]


By the start of Affliction, the American Vampire Council is newly established with Jean-Claude as head. All the master vampires had to make a fealty oath to Jean-Claude as their leader, which has given Jean-Claude additional power. There is some discontent about the new power structure.[8]

Jean-Claude is the only council member at this point, and he is referred to as "king" in this novel. Jean-Claude says to Anita, "I am king and you are both my queen and my general."[9] When the vampire Alfie greets Anita in Colorado, he refers to Jean-Claude as "our new king."[10]

Dead Ice[]

The council isn't directly referenced, but Jean-Claude is referred to as the "king" of vampires.[11] Since Jean-Claude is king, Anita is expected to wear an engagement ring befitting a queen.[12] Irene insists on calling Jean-Claude "my lord king," and Melchior also calls him "my king." Anita previously attempted to have Jean-Claude called "president" instead, but it didn't work.[13]

Crimson Death[]

Jean-Claude is again referred to as "king,"[14][15] with Anita as "queen" and Cynric (Jean-Claude's adopted son) as "prince."[16] His rule is limited to America, since the European vampires threatened war and Jean-Claude "didn't want his reign to begin with more bloodshed." But in the absence of a ruler, "so many vampires [have been] killed across the world in a fight to rule their small piece of it." When discussing the situation in Ireland, Anita says to one of the Harlequin, "If you had foreseen what is happening in Ireland, you’d have used that as a bargaining point when we were discussing how to handle the new council setup."[17] The situation in Ireland and the bloodshed elsewhere indicates that Jean-Claude's rule, as king and/or vampire council, might begin to spread outside of America.

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