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Alex Pinn is a red weretiger and the Li Da of the Red Clan. We meet him for the first time in Blood Noir.


He has natural yellow-gold eyes with a rim of orange red, which he covers with brown contacts, and dark red hair.

In tiger form he is a red tiger with black stripes


He left his clan because he felt pressured by his mother, the Chiang of the Red Clan.

During his self imposed exile he worked as a reporter, and earned a Peabody Award with a piece on the war in Afghanistan.

He was one of the weretigers that were called to Anita during the events of Blood Noir, and was under the control of the ardeur for two days.

When the problem of Anita becoming pregnant appeared he offered to marry her and return to the Red Clan with her to raise their child.

He develops the power of pyrokinesis after sleeping with Anita, and chose to return to his clan.

Powers & Abilities[]

Alex is a alpha lycanthrope of great power. But after sleeping with Anita in Blood Noir he gains aditional powers:

  • Pyrokinesis. After Alex sleeps with Anita he develops the power of pyrokinesis. A power that all red tigers lost over the course of centuries.
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