Alejandro was alive when the Aztec empire was just a dream... He was there to greet the Spaniards and watch the Aztecs fall. He has survived when others have died or gone mad.Jean-Claude

Alejandro was an aztec master vampire more than one thousand years old. Alejandro led a pack of four other vampires, responsible for the deaths of two humans. As one of Mr Oliver's retinue, he was part of the plot to kill the Master of the City and take control of the vampires of St. Louis and make them go on a killing spree, so they would lose their rights. He attacked Anita two times; the first time when Anita and Larry were running from Humans First, and the second time when Melanie tricked Anita to come to a cave. Both times he placed one of his marks on her. He took part in the battle at the Circus of the Damned, and succeeded in placing the last two mark on Anita making her his human servant against her will, and overwhelming the marks that Jean-Claude had previously placed on her. As he had hoped Anita killed Mr Oliver, freeing him to kill Jean-Claude and take control of the city. Anita ultimately killed Alejandro, barely surviving the experience herself.


Alejandro was largely immune to silver and had the ability to turn humans into vampires with a single bite.

  • Early Rise. He was able to walk during the day, as demonstrated when Melanie tricked Anita to come in the cave where Alejandro gave her the second mark, but was still vulnerable to sunlight.
  • Limited pyrokinesis. He was also able to reflect a flamethrower attack, causing the stream of flames to reverse in midair.
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