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Abraham, Bram for short, is a wereleopard and an enforcer and bodyguard of the Blood Drinker's Clan. He describes his specialty as "up-close work". Anita considers him "wicked fast". He is stoic and doesn't talk overly much. Ares is his blond physical counterpoint and partner until Affliction, although they don't have much in common beyond military bearing.


Bram has high cheekbones and sculpted look to his face. His skin is very nearly black, and his body lean, and he has a military posture.

Bram initially wears his hair shaved close to his head, military style, although by Dead Ice he's letting it grow a bit longer at top.

In animal form Bram's fur is yellow and spotted.


Abraham is ex-military (rangers), and was given a medical discharge once he couldn’t pass a blood test without the lycanthropy showing. He'd been attacked in a jungle somewhere.

Bram joins the pard before Bullet, not all that long after becoming a wereleopard. He takes the role of Merle as enforcer and bodyguard for the clan, while Merle returns to a normal job.

In Kiss the Dead we first see Bram standing guard outside of Anita's house, visible only for a moment to let Anita know he's there. It's mentioned that he and Ares have trained Anita and the others out of waving or nodding at the guards in order to not draw attention to their presence.


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In Affliction Bram is one of the guards chosen to accompany Anita, Nathaniel, and Micah to see Micah's dying father. Bram's military background helps him get along with the various flavors of cops guarding Sheriff Callahan.

In Dead Ice Bram is Micah's main bodyguard.